Friday, September 30, 2011


truth be told, it has been tough to get back in the swing of things after our getaway.  it was just so awesome to relax and explore and not work even a little bit.  but i have a full weekend of therapy to do starting today, so i'll be diving back into life full force.  to give honor to the past couple weeks of
vacation, i've been sitting with a great sense of gratitude.

here's what i'm thankful for:

beginning our week deep in the woods above santa cruz, supporting some friends as they made life-long commitments to each other.  one of my dream wedding ideas was to rent a camp and spend an entire weekend with our loved ones doing all sorts of fun wedding events out in nature.  that didn't work out for us, but it was precisely what our friends did.  it was beautiful! every moment was overflowing with love, more than i've witnessed at most other weddings.  leave it to two creative writing majors to make you laugh and cry,
through vows and toasts and goodbyes. sigh...

{btw, those fabulous earrings were a birthday gift from brandi, from the shop branchbound.}

this nutella sandwich cookie recipe. i tried for days to experiment with cookies, but made multiple batches of substances to which even dogs would reply "um... no thanks."  i just found this nutella cookie recipe though and i'm hoping to redeem myself.  when i told the mister of my plan he replied "more cookies?!
i am completely fine with that." fingers crossed!

and a few other things...
sleeping in late, reading in bed, and new magazine day.
a clean house, freshly folded laundry, and a record on the record player.
daydreaming about the future, epiphanies when you least expect them, and deep conversations about life.
and all the great new music out there {feist, st. vincent, gotye, beirut, zee avi - so much!}.

this weekend is the eagle rock music festival. sadly, i have to work and won't be able to go. blerg! i have such fun memories from last year.  we had literally just arrived home from our honeymoon in thailand.  we were exhausted but decided to head back out for the awesome free concerts and it was quite the crazy night!
if you're an eastsider, go enjoy the festival for me will you?

have a great weekend everyone!
goodbye september and hello october!


  1. Hi, my name is Sarah Louise and I run Branchbound! I found your blog on my shop stats and the earrings look great on you. I hope you love them, thanks for sharing!

  2. I forgot the festival was this weekend! Thanks for the reminder! It's also art walk downtown at the Brewery this Sat and Sun from 11am to 6pm! So much good stuff! :)

    As for a hike (yay!) how's Monday around noon, or Tuesday after your appointment, or Friday afternoon?

  3. i love santa cruz! you must have had the best time ever!

    and i am sad that i have to work this weekend too. wah. the eagle rock music festival would have been SO FUN to attend. boo. oh well!

  4. You and Mister look so happy and your eyes shine with love and fun!
    Wishing you a lovely and sweet weekend,

  5. I LOVE those earrings, they look so pretty on you!

    Happy weekend Kim!

  6. It sounds you had an amazing trip, and came back to some amazing things :) I'm sorry that you're missing the festival, hopefully your cookies make up for it :) And thank you so much for your comments. Your one about eating disorders was so insightful, and your comment about my romance post was fantastic, because me and Joel are exactly the same! We're really independent and have very seperate lives, it's reassuring to find a couple who are the same way!

  7. Weddings are just amazing:) And so are those cookies, at least they look amazing, can you ship a batch this way:)

  8. That cookies looks so awesome! My husband would kill for them :D

  9. I'd want one of those cookies right now ! Lovely blog :) xoxox

    Fashion and Cookies
    My Twitter

  10. epiphanies when you least expect them...those are so cool. I wish i could have one a day...then I'd really be getting somewhere!

    Looking forward to catching up soon. I've been out of my groove, too.

    Take care, C

  11. Those earrings are adorable and look so cute on you! Hope you had a great time with old friends this past weekend. And yummy--I had my fair share of nutella in Paris this past week; I may have to steal that cookie recipe!

  12. these posts are always my favorite. currently up early with a starbucks in hand and your music-- perfect october morning.


    ps. tell me how those cookies go?