Tuesday, September 13, 2011

DIY t-shirt tassel earrings

have you noticed the recent trend of long tassel earrings? i love them!! and lately i've been getting pretty crafty in my spare time, now that i no longer have to worry about  a job search {i'm still not over how awesome it is to finally have a great job!}.

after a little experimentation, i discovered that it's so easy to make your own tassel earrings! you can use leather, beading, or any other material your heart fancies.  i happen to have a lot of old t-shirts lying around, so i decided to make mine out of that.

here's what i did...

what you'll need
earring hooks {i took apart an old pair of earrings}
fabric glue or hot glue

{before: an old dusty t-shirt in need of a new fabulous life}


step 1
lay your shirt flat, cut off the bottom hem, then begin cutting horizontal strips about 1/2 inch
wide all the way across the bottom of your t-shirt.  cut 10 strips total.

step 2
once you have all your strips cut, gently stretch your loops until the t-shirt curls, and trim off the two side seams.  you should have 20 long, curled pieces of t-shirt when you're finished with this step.

step 3
divide your t-shirt strips into two piles and thread each pile through the two
earring hooks, stopping once the hook is in the very center.

step 4
tightly wrap your tassel just below the earring hook with thread and tie a knot.

step 5
wrap a small piece of t-shirt {which has been stretched} several times over the thread {hiding it}.
use a dab of fabric or hot glue to hold the ends in place at the back of your tassel.

step 6
finish by making sure the earring hooks are closed tightly with a pair of pliers
{no gaps in the loop}, and trim your tassels to a desirable length.

step 7
put them on and look cute!

{after: who knew an old, worn out t-shirt could look this good?!}


  1. this is so creative and fun! thank you for sharing this as i have tons of tshirt scraps!!

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  2. Wow, Kim! What a great DIY! :) I really love the long tassel earrings, and these look so legit! :) And you look so super stylish with them (as always ;)

  3. So much fun - DIY earrings made from an old tee - who would have thought:) Great stuff Kim,

  4. You smartie! I would never have looked at a tshirt and thought: earrings! I love how creative you are.

  5. What an amazing idea! I'm also loving your fun high hair bun :-)

  6. Nice work!!

    And you look adorable!

  7. You're so creative! I'm impressed with your ingenuity. :) I'm gonna have to keep my eye out for tassel earrings and/or supplies at my house from which I could create ones as pretty as yours!

    Also: you're so teeeeeny! :)

  8. I have tons of old t's lying around... and I love this look! So cute :) Thanks for the inspiration.

  9. That first picture especially- you are having the most awesome hindi moment, I swear- that's what I'm getting. I love it!

  10. Oh you talented, talented girl. Look how cute you are in your DIY earrings. So stylish. Love it. I'm going in search of a tshirt now.

  11. that is such a cool idea. I think that those would makes some wonderful DIY gifts.