Tuesday, August 16, 2011

where is my mind?

i'm gonna be honest. all i've been able to think about lately is our anniversary trip to northern california.  yes, it's still over a month away, but i can't help it.  there will be so many of life's simple pleasures during that getaway.

a road trip, preferably along the coast with dozens of farmer stands,
cute beach towns, and pretty views of the ocean.

san francisco, where i left my heart,
along with so many of my favorite places and people.


nature! redwood forests, ocean cliffs, beaches, hiking, stargazing, animal-sightings,
and maybe {if we're brave enough} swimming.  i am a total city girl, but i
need me some nature, and i can't wait to escape to the great outdoors!

cheese! a visit to the cowgirl creamery in pt. reyes for an official cheese-tasting
{this may just be at the very tippy-top of the list for things i'm most excited about}.


time with loved ones. we have several really close friends that we'll get to see,
including celebrating one of their weddings, and maybe {hopefully} a meet-up
with a certain favorite blogger friend.

so you see, as far as i'm concerned, september 21 really can't come soon enough!
{although don't ask me when my actual anniversary date is. i know it's a few days before we leave, but i don't remember which date specifically. failure to remember important dates is something the mister has always known about me, so it's okay.}

{romantic getaway photos found here}


  1. time is a funny thing :) when you want it to move quick it moves slow and when you want it to most slow it moves quick.

  2. Yes yes yes! I am sooo excited also! Sorry I did not email back but I've been thinking about all the fabulous things we will be talking about. Is that weird? Oh well! I am excited nonetheless!

  3. Ohh that sounds like an amazing trip... in a few years I want to take Jonas on the trip down the west coast of the USA. I figure we can tell him if he behaves himself he will get to go to Disneyland at the end of the trip:)

  4. I really hope your anniversary trip is everything you hope it will be. May you have gorgeous weather, find lots of special new places as well as visit the old ones, and chat with lots of wonderful people. (I only hope that maybe I'll be in San Fran with an awesome job by then so I can see you too!)

  5. Oh, isn't anticipation just the best!?!? My husband and I love the play the, "What are wonderful events or feelings we've experiences since we've gotten married that were unexpected on the day we said, "I do." In his list this year he told me I'd gotten funnier and the bottom of my toes look more like cotton balls. He's a keeper, that one.

  6. It will be here before you know it! Just enjoy having something so awesome to look forward to!

  7. Sounds like an amazing little vacation!

    The cheese tasting would be one of my FAVORITES! You would probably have to drag me out of there!

    Can't wait to hear ALL about it!

  8. I would be so excited too! That sounds wonderful.

  9. This sounds like it'll be a wonderful getaway for you both. I'm excited for you guys~and these photos are just so beautiful :)

    I visited San Fran many years ago, I think it still has a piece of my heart, too.

  10. I support you 100% for only thinking about this and nothing else. So exciting and romantic!

  11. CHEESE TASTING. YUM. It sounds absolutely amazing.

    I'm looking forward to my november trip too, but that's even FURTHER away. le sigh! It's good to have things to look forward too!

  12. sounds pretty amazing! you had me at anniversary road trip, but even better that it will be spent along northern california...

    ps. I love those little trailers so much.

  13. This trip sounds amazing - and these pictures paint the perfect picture - I am sure your trip will be lovely Kim - can't wait to hear more.
    A x

  14. Wow wow wow! Looks and sounds heavenly! No wonder you're excited. I'm excited for you :)

  15. This sounds like a heavenly vacation... I hope it is!