Friday, August 12, 2011


say what?! it's friday already???
has this come as a shock to anyone else, or is it just me?

i have had a fabulous week full of great friends, great work, and great fun!  but would you believe it, i spent so much time playing that i forgot to snap any photos.  it's a shame because on two eventful evenings this week the mister and i {and friends} got all dolled up in masks and steampunk and 20's garb.  ah well, i'm sure we'll dress up in all that stuff again soon {knowing us and all}.

here's what i'm thankful for this week:
* attending my friend's dubstep premier at a fancy hollywood club {they were awesome and we were all so proud! this was also a masquerade party where we got to wear fabulous masks we made ourselves.}.
* quitting my other miscellaneous job {it was great as far as a random job goes, but it's time to focus on my career full time now. plus the simplicity of only having one job to worry about is heaven sent!}.
* accomplishing a huge to-do list for our little apartment {and soon we'll have our cabana!}.
* meeting up with one of my dearest friends {who lives all the way on the other side
 of the country} at the edison for a little whiskey and blues dancing.
* this playlist over on for a life inspired full of awesome covers {there are old favorites *heartbeats, such great heights, where is my mind* and some new discoveries *my boys, animals, i'm on fire*'s so good!}
* finally making some progress on my new blog design {i couldn't find a designer to work with, so i'm doing it myself, learning along the way. this html stuff is crazy!}.
* reading this amazing article, discovered on exquisite banana {thanks kayla!}.
* gaining a bit of inspiration with food.
* reading for fun {yay!}. 
* discovering this beautiful tumblr, luna~nueva, where i found this sweet photo:

happy friday!!
what are you thankful for this week?
and do you have any fabulous plans for the weekend?


  1. sounds like youve had such a busy adventurous and fun week. the party sounded brilliant, what mask did u make?
    i am thankful for my best friends, my best friend has just returned from east africa and im seeing her today yey! have a friend coming to stay and sunday am going to a party :) xxxxxxx have a lovely weekend kim

  2. Wow, I should really think about spending an entire week with you, awesome gal!

    What was your misc job? So curious!

  3. that sounds like awesome week. I am so happy that you are doing your therapy thing. I am thankful for my "fairy God daughter". She's so precious. Tomatoes! I've eaten at on. Cats that like to cuddle and my weekend plans of hanging out with my friends.

  4. Your blog looks great! I just did some work to mine, but I'm craving a new header next! Have a great weekend.

  5. Sounds like a great week, girly! If you happen to need a designer, give me a shout-out; I worked with one who helped me tremendously and her rates are very affordable.

    Your week sounds great! Please stop by today when you have the chance, love! XOXO

  6. Oh, oh, oh, I love the picture and quote! It's beautiful. Sorry, I couldn't help it. ;)

  7. I'm thankful for the people who love me and appreciate my quirks. Which leads me to being thankful for the people I love and I'm sooo very thankful for their quirks. Oh, and I'm thankful that it's Friday!

  8. I agree- this week flewwwww by!

    I'm grateful for my sweet boyfriend and money in the bank at the moment. It feels good to be able to pay things off!

  9. What a wonderful list! I am thankful for beautiful hikes with wonderful friends! : )

    Have a great weekend!



  10. Aw, thank you for the shout out, Kim! Isn't that article incredible? I bookmarked it months ago and revisited it this week when I felt like I was facing a stalemate. I'm also going to try and start following the artist's way toolkit and begin morning pages. You do them, right?

  11. So glad you like the playlist, lady! Hope you are enjoying a wonderful weekend!! xo

  12. i love your gratitude list, as always! glad to hear you made some major progress in the apartment... show us some pics :)