Friday, July 29, 2011


i've had such a great week, and have so many things to be thankful for!

* i started my new job at the residential home for individuals with eating disorders and i absolutely love it!  it feels so good to be diving back into my career {aka - what i'm really passionate about}, and this particular job is such a fulfilling niche within the field of psychology.  in a lot of therapeutic situations you don't get to see people progress in such powerful ways in such a short amount of time, but here you do.

* i'm also grateful my job will be motivating me to form a much healthier relationship with food in my personal life.  i don't really like food, i think it's a huge inconvenience to have to stop in my day to eat, but here i sit through meals and snack times with the patients and model healthy eating behaviors and attitudes.  ironic? yup.  good for me? probably for sure.

* other things i'm really grateful for about my new job: it's paid!! i'm building a great network of other therapists here in LA, there's a lot of room for growth with the clinic, the co-therapists are really fun, and i get free meals by an award winning chef.

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i'm also grateful for...

* sangria saturday.
* having some much needed alone time. 
* finally getting a bed frame {no more mattress on the floor!!  we're finally real grown ups!}.
* date night with the mister watching rubber {which i thought was hilarious and wonderful.  if you are a fan of art, an existentialist, a relativist, or just appreciate the absurd, you should definitely see it.}.
* attending my first real hollywood movie party, for the film, "the man who shook the hand of vicente fernandez."  the writer & director is my amazingly talented friend elia petridis {who's about to marry my other dear friend this weekend - so many happy things!}, and of  course you all know my handsome hubby, who worked in the art department.  there were several other friends who had roles in the making of this movie, and i am so proud of every single one of them.  i cannot wait to see it, which should be in january of next year {don't worry, i'll keep you all posted}.  we danced, we mingled, we heard amazing ghost stories {the hospital where they filmed the movie was definitely haunted}... pretty much everything you'd expect from a hollywood party. 

what are you thankful for?


  1. wow!!! well done you on the job again am pleased youre loving it. and yey about the bed frame and hollywood party, thats so exciting!!! have a fab weekend. ps im thankful for food and water :) xxxxxx

  2. I love this post, Kim! So happy your new job is going so well and that you have this amazing social life to complement it. A Hollywood party sounds so incredible! Wow!

  3. I'm so happy to hear that your job is going wonderfully! I completely get what you mean about food being an "inconvienence." I feel that way a lot, being a busy mommy. But, I know I need to be better and take the time to make healthy meals for myself!

    Happy Friday! xx

  4. Congratulations again!!! Your happiness is infectious. just reading your words is making me really happy too!! :D

    <3 Belly B

  5. I love these posts, they always make me stop and appreciate the small things:)
    Have a great weekend!

  6. Again, I am SO happy for you Kim! This week I'm thankful that MOST people are honest. Most.

  7. Kim, I'm so thrilled for you! SO thrilled. And free food made by an award-winning chef? Added bonus! And if there are any good food relationship tips you'd like to share, I would love to hear them! Have a great weekend -- I can't wait to talk again soon!

  8. Kim! Congratulations, what an inspiring job and insight it offers you too!

    I love that you stopped and jotted down a few of the things you're thankful for. I'm thankful that people still stop and do this. It seems to easy to focus on the negative and forget the positives.

  9. sangria saturday! woohoo! it's so great to hear there are so many positives from your job!
    while i may not like mine right now, i'm super thankful to have one. and i'm thankful for the friends in my life including the one from out of town coming to visit for the weekend! yay!

  10. Its really neat that you found a job helping people in an area you like- getting paid! I understand as a fellow mental health field worker that we don't always get paid to do the jobs we really want to! Good for you!
    This week I'm grateful that I have a story being published in a magazine! yeeeah!

  11. congrats on your new job!! I just came across your blog, but I'm getting my MSW right now and my dream is to work with individuals with eating disorders!

  12. ah, this is so fab! i am so glad you landed this job and that you are enjoying it! and getting paid for it!

    and you DON'T REALLY LIKE FOOD?!?!? omyLORD. i cannot relate to that sentence at all! i love food. too much!

  13. I'm so happy that you're working in your field (and getting paid for it!). I've said it before, but the world needs more beautiful souls like you. Enjoy your weekend, Kim!

  14. Okay, what on Earth is going on? I keep commenting on your blog, Kim, and blogger keeps eating my comments. They disappear moments after posting them. This is like the third time! Grrr!

    Anyway, I hope you have a fantastic weekend! Sounds like your week was pretty great, too. I'm so glad you're loving the new job, and I'm so excited for you about your bed frame. I remember when Alan and I finally got a real bed. I wanted to jump up and down on it I was so excited!

  15. Invite me over for Sangria Saturday?! Please!? Ha
    I'm thankful for sleep, good movies that makes one feel better and the fact I'm hoping to run tomorrow off of 2 days of some nerve pain!

  16. I'm glad you've had such a great time! Doing what you love makes a huge difference which is why I'm worried about getting into the real world. :) You could always pass some good eating advice on to the rest of us! After time at the beach I'm more health conscious. It's so easy while I'm there to workout, swim, and eat healthy foods. Why is that? Hah. Sangria Saturday sounds awesome and I'm glad you got time in with Dannon!

  17. Happy - I am so happy for you Kim, your new jobs sounds so awesome - well done you. I am grateful for the sunshine today - we have had constant rain for the past fortnight, so the sun today just made holidaying with kiddies a bit brighter.
    Happy Saturday

  18. i'm thankful that i did able to bounce back from a bad week :) Happy weekend Kim! ;) All the best on your new job!

  19. kim,
    your posts always cheer me up. I am so over the moon with happiness that you are in such a great spot. I am thankful for all the wonderful friends in my life and my interview next week.

  20. Your new job sounds amazing! It must feel so great to be doing something that makes a difference...and getting paid to do it! ;)
    This week is crazy busy, but are you around next week? Maybe a hike?

  21. Your new job sounds amazing, and I'm so happy for you! Your waiting and patience definitely has paid off!!

    Sangria's and alone time!? Yes, please!