Friday, July 15, 2011


woah, what a week this has been!
seriously, everything changed, and all before 10am on monday.  you see, i was headed to work on monday morning when i was suddenly struck by the gravity of how unhealthy my job has been for me.  while i'm grateful i landed that job {because we were a week away from having to sell our kidneys for rent money}, it was really not taking me in the right direction.  originally it was simply supposed to be a miscellaneous, part-time job that supplemented my income while i worked at an unpaid therapy internship {since the field of psychology is crazy pants and rarely pays us post grad school}.  however, this job completely consumed my life in the span of a few weeks.  had that been my career, maybe i would have stuck it out, but it was not {not anywhere close to my career}, and was actually preventing me from moving forward on my path.  so i quit.  i left after the first 20 minutes on monday and haven't looked back.  
as i walked to my car right after quitting, i began getting texts from a friend who said they were hiring at her job.  a couple hours later i was hired {i've actually already started training there this week}.  as if that wasn't enough assurance from the universe that i had done the right thing, as soon as i got home i received a call from a clinic asking me to come in for an interview the following day.  the interview went pretty well, but there were a lot of other applicants and i have hardly any experience with their population, so i don't expect to get hired.  it just felt SO good though, to have all of that waiting for me right after i quit my job.  

so this week i'm grateful that i followed my intuition and made a healthy choice for myself {even though quitting like that is probably considered certifiably insane by most people out there}. i'm also grateful that the universe swooped in to support me in that decision.  my new random, part-time job is great.  it's much closer to home and definitely doesn't drain me like the other job.  it's going to be the perfect side job to whatever therapy gig i land.


other things i'm grateful for:
* pilates.  
* friends to help shop for interview clothes.
* it's always sunny in philadelphia and flight of the conchords.
* awesome friends who think of me and pass along great job leads, well-wishes, and other forms of support.
* the screech owl who lives in our tree.  he screeches every night, but is a huge help in dealing with our rat problem and is just gorgeous!
* whole foods {i'm pretty sure that if i could afford it, whole foods would be the place to turn me into a cook... or at least a person who doesn't mind putting forth more effort in the kitchen than pouring cereal}.
* passion tea lemonades.
* starting the week with a fun date night and a trip to the beach!

{oh sweet beach, how beautiful you are}

oh, and!! it's that time again... this weekend is the renegade craft fair here in LA!
it's at the cute park by chinatown {the LA Historic Park}, just down the street from my neighborhood.
i'll be there sunday. anyone care to join me? eh? eh?

what are you thankful for this week?


  1. Ooh, congratulations on the new job!

  2. Ooh, congratulations on the new job!

  3. Oh my goodness! Kim! That is fantastic! I am just thrilled for you. You are such a fantastic person who deserves so many things, especially happiness.

  4. Good for you lady!! I saw your happy tweets and figured you landed a new job. I'm so happy you followed your gut and quit that other job--YIPPEE for new beginnings!! And passion tea lemonades and Pilates and Whole Foods and sunny days. Enjoy your weekend :)


  5. yay! :D you look so cheery on the photo kim (and looking good,too). the writing mood matches it, indeed. another new beginning for you and let's cheers to that! ;) enjoy your seaside weekend! xox

  6. congratulations lovely, so happy for you. you should always make the right decisions for your wellbeing!
    loved the post about the screech owl as well.. haha
    have a lovely weekend xxxx

  7. I love that pic of you, you look so pretty!

    I'm grateful for Nutella ;-) I finally tried it!

  8. Wow, CONGRATS, Kim!! :) I could totally understand how it would be tough to leave, especially since you were job-hunting for so long. But I'm so happy for you that you made the right choice for you...and the universe totally responded! :) YAY!!

    Aww, totally wish I could see you at Renegade LA this weekend, but I'm out of Renegade? ;)
    Have fun!!

  9. Oh, I'm so very happy to hear this. And if you feel so strongly about something, you have to always do what you think is right. The fact that the universe appears to agree with your decision should further validate that you made the right decision and one that is clearly healthy for you. Can't wait to see what lies in store for you :)

    This week I'm thankful for the weather dipping below 90 degrees (my hair is grateful, too), a weekend of music and good friends ahead, and learning to move on from unhealthy situations/relationships. I feel I'm on a good path, too.

  10. Congratulations!! Aren't those the best, when you just KNOW that you've made the right choice? :) No better feeling in the world!

    <3 Belly B

  11. Amen!! for following your intuition. I love that story. I love the not looking back element.

  12. I love how everything worked out for you after you made that decision. Yay, universe!

    I would totally join you at the Renegade Craft Fair this weekend if I could. Maybe next year?

    And yes, yes to passion tea lemonades! Yum. I enjoy a green tea lemonade on occasion too...

    Have the most marvellous weekend, my dear!

  13. That is one exciting week! It feels SO good to discover quickly and immediately that you made the right choice.

  14. Congrats Kim. :) I'd be terrified doing what you did but you're so strong and brave! I'm glad that everything seems to be working out in the best possible way!

    I love that pic of you at the beach. I really, really wish I lived closer to a lake, beach, or river right about now. Well, we have a river that's close but it's a little hard sometimes to find public property on it's edge.

    I'll just live through you. :) Glad you had fun on your date!

  15. I'm impressed and totally inspired by your bold move and pleased that things lined up after to show that there are better options for those who dare to be proactive.

    {I call Whole Foods Whole Paycheck, but OH! their displays and pretty packaging.. =)}

  16. Wow! Congratulations on the new job, that's fantastic news! What a bold move, you're braver than I! I'm terrified to leave mine, well because I need an income.

    That picture of you at the beach is just lovely! I've never been to Whole Foods I really should check it out!

    Have a super weekend!

  17. Wow, that is such awesome news - sounds like the stars and planets were aligned just right for you :-) You're so awesome for quitting your job when you realized it wasn't the right fit for you - I totally would have fretted for weeks over a decision like that. Teach me your ways!

  18. Wow, that is an incredible story about following your gut and trusting that things have a way of working out and falling into place! You're right though, sure we need a paycheck at the end of the day, but if a job is taking you away from your dreams, you have to take action and keep following the dream.

  19. I love this post! It looks so beautiful, I can't wait to head to LA next week! Flight of the Concords and It's always sunny in Philadelphia are AMAZING haha! Oh and most importantly congrats to you that took some guts what you did, I'm studied psychology so I know what you mean and I'm looking for work but it's hard to say you know what you want to do when you need a masters degree.

  20. I'm so excited to hear about all this positive momentum going on in your life! Here's to new opportunities!

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  22. Yayyyy Kim! I am so happy for you and this wonderful week you had, that is really ballsy of you to quit the job on the spot but sometimes it is totally necessary. I once quit a job on the second day b/c I felt so wrong about it! hope you have a lovely weekend. xoxo

  23. Woo Kim! So happy to hear you followed your instincts. That's the only way I roll now (though it sure took my virgo-planner self a LONG time to get there).

    It's so good to be back, I've missed your blog :)

  24. Oh my gosh, Kim!! Congrats.. that's awesome! You're brave and amazing and deserve every bit of that goodness from the universe! Here's to even more good things in your future!

    Same area, I'm grateful for finding a paid internship and actually being chosen! :)