Friday, June 3, 2011


i have had a lot of new visitors here lately, so i thought it would be nice to share what i do in my corner of the blogosphere on fridays.  i like to end each week with a little reflection on all the good things that have happened.  it's a fantastic way to put life into perspective no matter how crazy, busy, or frustrating 
the week has been.  it has also proven to be an amazing practice to start the weekend 
off on a good note, and i highly recommend joining in!

this week, i am thank for:
* having a job where i sing, dance, and play games with little kiddies.
* how amazing {and easily} our bake sale has come together.
* megan and the good people of the pablove foundation, as well as pete and the good people of vacation vinyl, for working with brandi and me to make our bake sale a reality.
* all of you who have donated sweet treats to the bake sale, donated online, or who will stop by to purchase some goodies for a good cause tomorrow.  it's with ALL of your help that we can find better treatments 
{and even cures} for pediatric cancer.
* sweet gifts from the mister {flowers & sailor jerry's! what a guy...}
* warm sunshiney days of summer.
* fruit smoothies.
* friends!

and one last time for good measure, don't forget about our bake sale tomorrow! 

what are you thankful for this week?


  1. i am thankful for the sun, for my family and friends... and for life. :) x

  2. I hope the bake sale goes well! Wish I could come by...I'll be in LA, but no car and nowhere near there :(

  3. I'm having a really hard time being thankful this week. Your list is at least making me smile a little.

  4. Life is so exciting and amazing, isn't it? I'm so glad we did this project together.

  5. I wish I could make it tomorrow - makes me sad that I can't! But I am grateful that I'm able to have this weekend with the boyfriend and spend some much needed time together. :) Have so much fun at the bake sale, you guys! I'll be there in spirit!

  6. I'm glad things have come together so well for the bake sale- your flier looks great, I love how it looks. You should be really proud!
    I'm grateful for my family and friends and the support they have given me lately when I've been stressed out. They make all of the difference!

  7. What a great cause. Please let us know how the bake sale goes!

    So much to be thankful for this week, but especially thrilled with the beautiful sunshine we've had lately and the wonderful music I've had in my life recently. Best wishes to you and hope you have a great weekend!

  8. I'm so excited for your new job! It sounds perfect for you.

    We're finally getting sunshine too and it has been wonderful! I'm thankful that the weekend is here so that we can all enjoy it!

  9. I hope your bake sale is a Smashing SUCCESS!!!! :).

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  10. I wish I could be there. I am facebooking it all over though!

  11. so many good things here! and i am SO GLAD you are loving the new job!

    i am so happy it is friday. and i am feeling chipper and rested, so that is a good thing. :)

    have a fab weekend! and i'll try my best to make it to that bake sale!

  12. oh how i wish i could go! your heart never ceases to amaze me. I'm thankful for people like you!

    and also a HUGEEEE win last night for my team the Dallas Mavericks against Miami. OH MY GOODNESS! i was jumping on my coffee table shaking! ha

    also on the list... discovering a used bookshop near our house. bliss!

    happy weekend sweet girl xoxo

  13. love your gratitude list. really enjoyed reading about your new job in the previous post...a big congrats! have fun at the bake sale this weekend. i will not be able to make it, but really want to hear all about it :) have a great weekend, kim!

  14. Can't wait to hear how the bake sale goes! I bet it will be an epic success!

  15. Your gratitude posts always remind me of what I'm grateful for in my life. It's the big and small things that make us who we are.

    I hope you guys have a great turnout at your bake sale! Enjoy your weekend, Kim!

  16. I hope the bake sale went nicely. I am grateful for many things. Loads of travel to interviews(which was pretty fun) and another month with the bills paid.