Saturday, June 11, 2011


it's summer time! and you know what that means? it's time for summer parties. and what's better than a regular summer party? an extra exciting pirate-themed summer party!!

from sea chantey sing-a-longs aboard the balclutha to living on treasure island {and maybe sometimes swearing up a storm}, i am always ready to embrace my inner pirate, so i was thrilled to find these fabulous free printables over on cottage industrialist.  aaaargh!!  there are invitations, envelopes, thank you cards, pirate hats, eye patches, cupcake wrappers, buntings, and flag toppers.  
perfect for kids {and kids at hearrrrrrrt}!

i would also highly encourage you to hang on to these freebies until september 19, 
otherwise known as international talk like a pirate day.  you know you'll want to. 


  1. Awesome! A friend of mine was thinking about having a pirate themed party for her birthday in July. I am totally sending her the link to this post right now!

  2. How cute! Being pirate for a day is pretty cool but some people actually celebrate everyday. We saw a garage sale yesterday and it turned out to be all pirate-themed! The homeowners had decorated their home (top to bottom) with pirate ships, skeletons, treasure chests and they're now changing it to western cowboy theme. How fun and crazy is that?!

  3. hello lovely kim! wasnt sure where to write this, thought of doing it under your post on my blog but then thought id write here!
    i forget that los angeles is a desert but i hope you get to grow your sunflowers too :)
    have a fab weekend xo

  4. these are great!! love the pirate theme!!

    happy weekend love!

  5. haha- I await Sept 19th with bated breath!

  6. LOL. I am so going to share this with one of friends. She loves pirates. She will get a kick out of this.

  7. Too cute!!! I totally forgot about Talk Like a Pirate Day. Thanks for the reminder :)