Wednesday, March 2, 2011

pssst! guess what?

the extremely talented jenna, from design sparrow, created a gorgeous imaginary new design for my apartment!
if you've never visited design sparrow, you simply must go have a look.
jenna has such great style and an eye for natural beauty, so i
was more than happy to send over a photo of our boring, but full of promise,
apartment to see what sorts of creative improvements she could make.

boy oh boy was i excited to see how jenna transformed our home into an amazing two story, modern bungalow!!  she added an art studio, big glass panels, a bay window, & solar panels, so we would be able to live sustainably.   swoon!  it's so perfect, and i really wish i could actually live in this design!

this was such an incredibly fun series to be a part of.
i often daydream about what our home could look like if we had the time,
money, and weren't renters.  so i'm pretty excited that i get to live
vicariously through jenna's terrific remodel.

...and you can too!!
jenna is hosting a giveaway today {and today only} to make
a fun remodel of one lucky winner's home.  you don't have to be serious about fixing up your place in real life,
and you don't even have to own your home to play along {although i totally think i should
 forward her design to our landlady...}.

so head over to design sparrow to see my fabulous make-believe dream home
and enter to have jenna make your dream home come true too!


  1. Saw the rendering of your dream home. I love it!

  2. Oh I love it Kim ! Swoon !

  3. How lovely! :) That is so sweet of her to do that for you! :) And it all the little details look fantastic!

  4. Kim, this was fantastic! Maybe you can have a little discussion with the person who owns the place, convince them they must have a second story...

  5. seriously--your blog is so.cute!

  6. she's so talented, I love it!

  7. Wow! That's a pretty fabulous give away!
    Can't wait to hear all about your remodel! Nothing like some rearranging to breathe new life into your living space!

  8. WHEE! how awesome! i am heading over to check it out!


    i love your taste and love that she incorporated that into her design... because your art piece? AWESOME!! i giggled when i read the artist... so one of a kind ;) and i can't wait to share it with my readers next wens. thank-you sweet girl!


  10. So cool, Kin! I love what she came up with for you. Now if you can get the house all done up, you can have that imaginary dinner party from the other week for real...

    I entered. I hope she can do something with my 1960s fixer-upper!

  11. that's so cool!! wish i actually owned a home. someday. someday.


  12. Kim! I had dreams/nightmares last night in suspense of what you would think of my interpretation of what your place might be. SO so glad you liked it and loved the feedback from the Mister too. I really wished we lived closer, I'd give you a great big hug right now.

    PS - thnx to your sweet readers for their comments on your site, and mine. =)

    PPS - I'd checked out your wedding pics before today but went back again and took time to enjoy more. Seriously. What a cool celebration.

  13. but can she really come over and spruce my place up?? cuz i need that. like real bad. haha.

  14. I love what she did! How incredble!

  15. Love the dream home, how inspiring!!! Also I read your post below, good luck with all of your goals, I know you'll make them happen :) xoxo

  16. I love your make-believe house. It's super awesome.
    I was just talking with my friend about the necessity of a courtyard.
    Hope all is well.