Wednesday, February 23, 2011

hold the phone!

i'm taking a break from my regular posts to give my "little" nephew ryan a very special birthday shout out.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY RYAN!!  

i'm trying not to totally freak out about this, but today he turns 18! 
 my nephew!  18!  1-8.  EIGHTEEN.  eighteen!

i can't believe that someone, who's diapers i used to change, is now a legal adult.  

this is how i will forever think of him:
{yup, those are my legs behind him}

but now he's all grown up:

 {playing the guitar with a napoleon dynamite t-shirt? i couldn't be more proud!}

in a few months he'll be graduating high school and is already on his way to becoming an architect! i'm so proud of all the things he's accomplished in life so far.  it's times like these i wish i didn't live on the other side of the country from them. 

lots of love ryan!

aunt em 
{because he couldn't say "aunt kim" when he was little}


  1. Happy birthday to you Ryan !!!!!!! Keep on rocking !!!!

    Aunt Tiq ( hehe )

  2. Happy birthday Ryan! I hope it's a fantastic day! : D

  3. That's so cute he called you "aunt em"! A very Happy Birthday to your nephew! There are so many wonderful things waiting for him in this world!

  4. 18! Wow. A happy birthday to Ryan!

  5. I can NOT believe he is 18! That is amazing and totally dates us! LOL

  6. Happy Birthday Ryan! :) You're one proud auntie!

  7. Happy Birthday to Ryan! Wow, it must be CRAZY to see him grow up to an adult! Every time I look at my little cousins and see them grow up, it really makes me feel old :) Lots of well wishes to your nephew today!

  8. Happy birthday! You must be the best aunt ever. I bet you're his favorite!

  9. Aw That's cute! :)
    I thought your nephew was going to be turning 18 months ha!
    18 is such a big one! :)
    Go buy him a lotto ticket!

  10. Happy birthday to him!!
    An architect who plays the guitar, pretty cool I must say, xo

  11. As Ryan's mom, I must say that he's probably never had birthday wishes from this many pretty women...EVER! You have such a beautiful group of blog followers kim! And hey, while he is 18 and all grown and able to do his own thing and stuff....he will always be my little boy. I am proud of him and excited for him as he begins his life adventure...but also a bit scared (I am his mom, I cant help it)....O AND FEELING SO VERY OLD INDEED! I love you, Ryan. May your wishes always come true! Happy Birthday, Son!!!!

  12. happy birthday to him! :D

    wow! thats so exciting! I loveeee sufffjan!! i want his body.


    love, polly

  13. Happy Birthday to your Ryan!

  14. happy birthday ryan! i bet he's happy you've put these photos up ;)

  15. That's the fricking cutest thing I've ever heard. Aunt em! Love it!
    Am I crazy {don't seriously answer that} or did you say that you lived in Los Feliz? hmmm
    xx tash

  16. Thank you Aunt Kim. I do have something to tell you. I've put architecture on hold because I'm currently apprenticing under a man named Zach Chaji for computer repair, internet and network security, and programming. As soon as I am accepted to a college he said he will open a store in the same city and have me run the store, and eventually own it after I'm done with college.

  17. awe how cute is that first picture? i know this is sort of weird, but it reminds me of the little baby on the incredibles. not sure why... but it definitely says "secretly im a super hero baby." :)

    hope you are having a lovely week aunt em

  18. Nothing makes you feel old quite like someone whose diaper's you used to change being able to vote.. Yikes.

    Happy Birthday Ryan!