Friday, February 25, 2011


i can't thank you wonderful, amazing readers enough for all of your kind words on yesterday's post!  it was really touching how supportive you all were with something that is truly difficult to talk about {and live with}.  i'm so glad it was helpful for a lot of you to better understand people you know living with OCD.  i'm also really inspired by how encouraging this community of bloggers really is.  i am so thankful for each and every single one of you!

this week, i'm also thankful for...
* all of the amazing meetups i've had with lovely bloggers this week {and the yummy places at which we ate together}:
- hanging out all day saturday with brandi, discovering an amazing
bakery at the farmers' market {see brandi's post about
 it here}, roaming around the spice station, grabbing
a bite at real food daily, and tea at chado
- chatting with lynn on tuesday at bricks & scones.  if you live in the area,
you must stop by and try a scone
{their chai latte isn't bad either}.  yum!
- walking down to stories bookstore & cafe with tatiana.  how can you
go wrong with a plate of pitas & hummus,
and a huge selection of used books?!
* receiving my sweet little bookmark from cassie's etsy shop between the lines.  it's a perfect gift for all you book lovers out there!
* finally beginning to figure out this thing called marriage.
* having a quiet week after a very busy past couple of weeks.
* that smart designer/architect partner of mine and his brilliant idea to build an office in our front
courtyard.  hello yurt, goodbye driving each other crazy in our teeny apartment!
* documentary nights!! we've watched a bunch of the docs up for nomination at the oscars this week.  we've seen exit through the gift shop, restrepo, and tonight we're going to see waste land - documentaries,
great friends, pizza, girl scout cookies, root beer, wine, & good conversations? so much fun!!
* a little bit of cold & rainy weather.  sure i wish it were summer, but i'm going to enjoy these last few winter days while i have them.  hopefully i'll get to enjoy my favorite rainy day activity - reading a good book!


what are you thankful for this week?


  1. How you hold yourself steady and gather it all is just amazing Kim. hugs hugs hugs to you pretty lady!!

    Well, I just want to savour every moment of being ALIVE. i am thankful and grateful for that.

  2. I'm thankful for your blog, and for your super sweet comment on my blog this morning. I was so flattered when you said you used my music to serenade your evening last night. So cool! :) I hope you have a wonderful weekend lovely!

  3. I'm thankful that I got to spend some time with you and other friends this past weekend. And a mid-afternoon nap yesterday with three kitties. And the feeling that even though I'm not sure precisely what the future will bring me, it will be something great. Happy Friday, my darling friend!

  4. This week I am very thankful for my job. Although it can be stressful sometimes I look back to last year and I'm just happy to be able to help support Dustin and me again.

  5. So many things to be thankful for! It sounds like you had a lovely week. This week, I'm thankful for (sort of) getting the hang of blogging and hearing back from such sweet people, my v. understanding and supportive fiance who is just as excited about my blogging as I am, having the time to read books, and the fact that I am getting ever closer to the wedding date!

  6. great great list, sounds like you'd an awesome week. Happy Friday, Xo

  7. To be honest, I'm kind of grateful the week's over :) It's been quite a stressful week, so I'm so glad the weekend is finally here. But seriously, this week I'm sooo thankful for my readers' comments and supports about my new daily calendar of things I'll be blogging about - the support really means so much. This blogging community we're in is so amazing and incredible, isn't it? :)

    And Kim, let's please meet up some time soon too? :)

    Have a fantastic weekend!

  8. Your lists always inspire me and remind me of the little things :).

    Sounds like a wonderful happy week!

  9. ah, documentaries!!!! i am grateful that we finished shooting our film last night so we have today free to edit it. and health insurance!!!

  10. I am super super jealous that you get to spend so much time with Brandi and those other bloggers. So amazing! I can tell you are a great real life friend as well as a bloggin friend.

  11. I've been catching up on blogs this afternoon, and I just read yours! Oh my dear! Thanks for sharing something SO close to your heart... and thanks for being SO, DARN encouraging. You have a beautiful way with words, dear! I totally agree with you in your previous post when you said that the best thing people can do is LISTEN. so, so, so true!

    Today, I am thankful for blueberries with my cereal, blogs, and not having to go into the lab! :]

  12. I read both this post and the last, and I think both are beautiful. We know that no one's life is perfect, and of course most of us bloggers try to only talk about the good and 'perfect' bits. So I think its amazingly brave and beautiful that you shared the last post with us (your readers). And it seems to me that you are doing amazingly well, all things considered.
    And this post is beautiful...because it just is. :)

  13. you are thankful for so many fab things!

    i am thankful that it is friday! fun plans might have to be abandoned because of the rain, but that is ok! i am fine if i just cuddle up at home and watch movies and read. yay!

  14. I love and appreciate your honesty...I too strive not to show a perfect picture on my blog and I think that others really appreciate it.

    I'm sorry to hear about your OCD - I do believe I have a mild case. I check the stove 10 times before I go to bed...I refuse to touch door handles...airplanes just seem chock full of germs and I find it hard to tough anything! For hours!
    Anyway, thank you again for sharing.

    I hope that we can meet up one day soon!

  15. i am thankful for my Husband's cheery disposition. it's been a real help this week.

  16. I love your Gratitude list! It'd be really cool to live close to other bloggers and meet up! Too bad VA doesn't seem quite so popular in the blogosphere as CA. ah well.

    Pita, hummus, and books? Count me in!

    I'm grateful that Noah made me chocolate chip cookies today. :)

  17. Hope you were able to read a good book on a cold, rainy evening. I always love a night like that, personally.

    I have a few documentaries on my list (Food Inc. and Waiting for Superman), too, but I'll make a note to check these out as well.

    Hope you had a great weekend! I am grateful the sun is breaking through the clouds and that I will sweat out some toxins this evening. Namaste!