Thursday, January 13, 2011

traveling muse film shoot

tuesday, i had the distinct pleasure of spending the night on a roof, working on my friend's film shoot.  i had the title of production assistant, which meant helping out in whatever ways they needed, plus i got to do some set design.  it was such a blast!!

{setting the scene}

my friend's film company is traveling muse pictures.  here's what they have to say:

Traveling Muse Pictures is a collective of filmmakers and artists dedicated to telling the 
stories of people whose voices are not heard, to exploring social activism, the collisions between
 art and spirituality, creating art communally, and celebrating our vagabond experience.

 how amazing is that?! they are very talented guys who are really passionate about making the world a better place through film.  make sure you check out their website

{the rooftop had gorgeous views! it also had a full view of the fake "eiffel tower" at the americana. those lights get crazy around 9p!}

in between takes we would bring hot tea and blankets to the actors to keep them warm when they weren't filming, which gave me a brilliant idea!  what if, instead of blankets, we had a box of puppies to give actors between takes for cuddling?!  not only would they stay warm, but they would get an extra boost of morale and a lowering of stress, better preparing them to handle take after take of the scene.  the actors at this shoot loved the idea.
look out hollywood! i've come to revolutionize the movie industry! 

 speaking of traveling muse pictures, here is a fun little video of theirs with all kinds of loveliness!  it includes one of my current favorite songs {which you can find in my most recent playlist}, and two of my favorite friends.  for all you los angelenos, this is the popular bottega louie downtown, which i still need to try.

hope you're all having a great week so far!


  1. How incredibly fun! What a neat experience and thank you for sharing it. Seriously, puppies? Can I please be on set next time if this idea comes to fruition?

  2. this is so, so cool! going to check out their site now...:)

  3. so much fun ! thanks for sharing this with us Kim !

  4. Wow, you do the coolest things, I swear!

    I love the puppy idea. Whenever someone brings a puppy into work it seriously makes my day to get to hold him and snuggle for a few minutes. Brilliant!

  5. The puppy idea is the best. I wish we could do that all the time (my kitties usually keep me warm at night). UCSD has a day during finals week where they bring a bunch of dogs on campus to help the students de-stress. It's really awesome.
    And this shoot looks like it was fun to work on -- even if it was quite cold out!

  6. HOW COOL!! I love that puppy idea, brilliant :) Next time, you'll have to do it (and take lots of photos to share!) That shoot looks like it must have been so fun!! :) Wow, girl - you have just been doing all sorts of fun things lately. So glad to see you're enjoying life to the max and trying lots of new things!! :) So inspiring!!

  7. yes! puppies to cuddle for sure! but the wardrobe ad makeup might suffer...

  8. Lovely and that tee pot is super cute. Sounds like a great time.

  9. What an amazing film company! I can't wait to learn more about them. Also, I adore Bottega Louie.

  10. You + that red teapot = gorgeous!

    Sounds like so much fun, Kim. I love all the candles.

  11. Ah the PA! So much work but so much fun! xo

  12. Awesome. How are you always so cute?! Want to give some advice for how to put together outfits like that?

    That video is cool (I like the songs too). What sorts of things did you do when helped with set up?

  13. sooo fun :) if i was an actress i would totally take a puppy over a warm blanket... just sayin.

    ps. the set looks fabulous!

  14. Hi Kim!!! Let's get together soon!! It was so good to meet you!


    Also, it looks as though you did a fantastic job on the set design! What a fun experience to be a part of.

    That video *and song!* is great, too. Thanks for sharing!