Wednesday, January 26, 2011


lately, i've been experimenting with making smoothies!  aren't they an amazing way to eat all the healthy stuff you're supposed to, but which is hard to fit in with all of the cereal you eat?  no?  that's just me?  well, whatever the case, i have always been a huge lover of smoothies and i'm so excited to see so many posts about them in blogland.  i mean really, what's not to love?  they're a great way to get your vitamins, you can easily sneak in veggies and protein {hello greens & tofu!}, and they're pretty easy to modify for whatever kind of flavor you're going for.  

recently, i've been making my own version of the green monster to go with my breakfasts in the mornings.

i use...
a ton of spinach
a handful of almonds
a couple dollops of yogurt
about a cup of blueberries
a few strawberries
a few peaches
about a half a banana
apple juice

sometimes i add red pepper, avocado, garbanzos, or raspberries.
i try to make it extra thick {by using less juice}, then i top it off with granola and eat it like a parfait.

i have to say, this smoothie has been making me feel great! i tend to be a bit anemic, so to start my day with a bunch of spinach and healthy vitamins has been dramatically improving my energy levels.
plus, despite it's vomity color, it tastes pretty good!


i've also been experimenting with non-vegetable smoothies that are a little lighter.
i call this one my "autumn spice springtime dessert smoothie" {i'm still working on the title}.  

i threw in...
half a banana
a handful of strawberries
a handful of peaches
a handful of raspberries
two large dollops of plain yogurt
a hefty sprinkling of cinnamon, nutmeg, & cloves
apple cider {NOT apple juice}

it tastes amazing!!  
with the spices added, it has a definite dessert flavor {sort of like cheesecake}, but with none of the processed sugars and fats of real desserts {like cheesecake}.  in fact, it's actually downright good for you!

i must say, with all this warm weather and smoothie-eating, i've been craving summer!
i know it's still january, but....

do you have any favorite tricks for being healthy?


  1. I luurrrve smoothies! I may have to try your recipes because they look awesome!
    Your headband is so pretty!

  2. A big YEAYYYYY for your homemade healthy-smoothies ! A must try and I really love your headband ! *jealous* hehehe

  3. I've been wanting to try a green smoothie for awhile! Thanks for the inspiration/recipe.

  4. Did you read my mind? Just the other day I was searching for a "Green Monster" smoothie recipe! Yours sounds pretty great, I'll have to give it a try!

    I love smoothies! They are wonderful and not to mention healthy.

    P.S. Super Cute Hair Band! I love it!

  5. These look delicious -- and I love there's no hard set recipe to follow. The biggest thing I've done that's helped me eat healthier is cut out processed sugars (okay, not completely but I've cut down significantly). It's made a huge difference in how I feel.

  6. Your headband is so cuteee! :)
    My favorite is a banana+carrot+vanilla yoghurt smoothies. Sometimes i also add jellies.

    Thanks for sharing your recipes! Learned something new today. :)

  7. I really need to get into making smoothies... problem is, it's so cold here I don't want one!

  8. This sounds good, I have not tried almonds in my smoothies yet. Think I will try it for lunch.

    here a favorite of mine
    1 c cranberries
    2/3 c cran-raspberry juice
    a couple big handfuls of spinach
    8 ou yogurt
    a bit of honey
    half tray of ice

  9. oops, I left out the 1 c raspberries

  10. I'm feelin' the green smoothie love too, and feeling better than ever because of it! I've been drinking green monsters every morning for going on two weeks and definitely see the benefits of getting more veggies in my diet. We are so healthy! I am so proud of us. : )


  11. I never ever would have thought to put spinach in a smoothie but that sounds so healthy! Plus all of those other flavors probably make it taste delicious! I need to start making those again!

  12. nutritional and pretty. I love the taste of spinach with fruit. Thanks for sharing these.

  13. I just made the Green Monster for breakfast this morning! It was pretty good. I think a few blue berries or strawberries would make it even better. =)Thanks for the other good ideas.

  14. I eat so much bad stuff that my trick to being healthy is not eating. Haha... sad but so true. Those smoothies look so good!

  15. i'm obsessed with the green monster! love that you posted about it! the word needs to be spread like wildfire!

  16. These smoothies look delicious! I've been thinking really hard about trying a spinach smoothie, and after reading like fifteen blog posts on them in the past two weeks, including yours, I think I might just have to give it a shot tonight!

  17. I have to say- the colder it is outside, the more I crave fruit. Especially citrus fruits. weird!
    These look pretty, I'll have to bust out the food processor!

  18. NOM NOM! the pink one looks delicious!!!!

    i don't think i have ever had a smoothie. what is wrong with me? lol! i need to try this!

    lately i have been kind of cutting back on the meat and trying to eat more veggies and fish and fruit. sometimes i slip up. right now i am having a salad that HAS to have 5 servings of veggies in it. it is good, and it is filling me up! but i'll probably want some chips later. lol

    and thank you so much for your comment! my post today went over like a lead balloon, but whatever. kids, marriage, and other traditional things are not for everyone! to each his/her own! :)

  19. Wow. What great ideas! I usually just use plain non-fat yogurt and frozen berries. I'm going to try some of these fancy combos of yours! Yum..

  20. I recently bought a blender and I am excited to get started on making lots of smoothies. the veggie smoothie kind of freaks me out - I don't know why, I love veggies, I guess I just don't want to DRINK veggies.

  21. These look really delicious and healthy indeed. This ins't ground breaking or anything, but after exercise, rather than drinking gatorade, I drink Emergen C because it has electrolytes without the sugar gatorade has :)

  22. Looooove smoothies! I'm also a bit on the anemic side so I should totally try to fit some greens in and that AM spinach smoothie sounds perfect.

    Also, you are rockin' it with that cute little headband!

  23. yay!! I'm so glad you're into making healthy smoothies...I keep going in and out of making them. I have a VitaMix so it's so easy for me to make them. So, I'm constantly asking myself, "Why, oh, why am I not taking advantage of this amazing tool?!?" It doesn't really help,, maybe if I add your voice along with mine telling me how amazing it would make me feel, I might actually do it! :)

  24. I am the biggest fan of smoothies, seriously, i can drink them all day. Your green monster version sounds so yummie and healthy. My current smoothie obsession includes, spinach, 2 bananas, flax seeds, mago, strawberries, blueberries, and almond milk.

    I love your headband :)

  25. These smoothies look delicious!! I've been meaning to try one ever since I heard of Kris Carr and her Crazy Sexy Diet. I really need to invest in a juicer! It's great to see others trying to eat healthier.

    Brandi (of not your average ordinary) recommended that I check out your blog and I'm so happy she did!

    Plus, I love your headband!

  26. these recipes sound delish!... My favorite trick for being healthy, since I hardly ever exercise, is eating lots and lots of veggies... I'm kind of a veggie freak, I look at broccoli or brussel sprouts the way other people look at a big steak or french fries.

    By the way, you look adorable in that picture! love the hairband :)