Tuesday, January 4, 2011

new year's!!!

this weekend we ended the old year and started the new just the way we like it ~ good food and great friends!  

okay, true confession time, our new year's eve actually started out in true form for us, being that we changed our plans only about a million times through the day before we eventually joined our efforts with some of our new favorite friends and formed a pretty fun party, if i do say so!  

two of our friends drove in from the inland empire {brave girls!} and we all headed over to our other friends' high-rise apartment near the grove.  these two just got engaged a few days ago, so we had a lot to celebrate for the new year {congrats you crazy kids!}.  at midnight we ran up on the roof and saw fireworks in every direction over the various neighborhoods of the greater los angeles area.  it was magical!


my cute new dress {thanks to a fabulous christmas gift from the in-laws!}:
{dress: ruche, cardigan: h&m, tights: piedmont boutique, shoes: chelsea crew, pocket watch necklace: lunashine on etsy.}

on saturday i had a peaceful, quiet morning with some deep thinking and writing.  it's always good to start the year out with some reflection and goal-setting, so that's just what i did.  in the afternoon, the mr. and i created art together, then spent the night with some of our other favorite friends.  our evening was full of music, chocolate fondue {mmm!}, and the best wedding gift ever {made by my radio producer friend who recorded all sorts of fun things from our wedding day and put together an amazing aural collage of sound clips & music.  it was perfect!}.  over the weekend we also took down our christmas decorations and rearranged the furniture.  it feels so fresh and new in our apartment!  and that was the weekend.

how was your new year's?


  1. that dress is cuuuuute!!!!! :D:D:D:D:D

    you're such a sweet girl!

    love, polly

  2. your friends looks like a lot of fun. I spent new years eve with friends, we had a chinese food potluck and then we went dancing. I spent New Years cleaning and taking down decorations. Very chill.

  3. I love your dress!

    Sounds like a perfect way to spend the New Year!

    I spent a quiet evening at home with my love!

    I'm ready to see what this year has to bring!

  4. Mine was quiet. The 31st is my dad's birthday so we watched a movie together, then I went to bed since I had to be up really early for a flight the next day. I've never made much out of the holiday -- I just like to have family or friends around if I can.

  5. You look lovely and so does your dress!! Your Saturday sounds like the perfect day after new years.

    Have a great week


  6. Looks like you had a great time and I LOVE your dress!

  7. What a cool wedding gift! I love finding little surprise memories and I bet that'd be a great source.

    We always go downtown for new years and do a lot of little activities but this may have been the last year for that. Noah and I are looking for a new tradition (the event downtown has become only bands and we're looking to spend time with our friends a little more while we're home).

    Glad you had a great time for New Years (cute dress by the way!).

  8. What an adorable group of friends you have. Always most important to celebrate with the ones you love and it sounds as though you had a great time this year. Loooooove your dress--soooo pretty!

    I still have to take down the decorations, but part of me is having a hard time letting go of Christmas :)

  9. That looks like a great group! I'm glad you guys had a good New Years weekend :)

    That dress is adorable on you by the way!

  10. okay you are just the tiniest, cutest little person EVER! i love the dress on you!!


  11. The dress is adorable. Sounds like with all of the changes you ened up having a great New Years Eve.

  12. That dress is so amazing and you look so beautiful. xoxo

  13. Happy 2011! Sounds like you had a great time ringing it in. Also, your dress is super-duper adorable!

  14. That dress is lovely! Sounds like an amazing New Years. And I like what you wrote about spending some time reflecting :)

  15. That dress is adorable!!! Looks like a great night!

    I was in bed by 10, well, in sleeping bag I guess. i was camping with my boyfriend's family in the Australian Bush.

  16. We spent New Year's Eve doing a few things...
    1) We got Greek takeout (yum!)
    2) We went out to Butchart Gardens to wander around and look at a million Christmas lights (sooo pretty!)
    3) We drank peppermint hot chocolate and sang our favourite Christmas songs
    4) We came home, put the boys to bed and watched funny British year-in-review type shows while eating delicious cheeses, fruit and breads
    5) We got the boys up just before midnight to ring in the new year with noisemakers and root beer floats

    It was awesome. Very low-key but just right for us right now.

    Now I'm working on my goals for the year, and continuing to take down the decorations, tidy up and enjoy my shiny new living room. Aaaah...

    How cute are you in that fabulous dress?!

  17. Sounds like a lovely New Year's, Kim! :) LOVE your dress (of course I do :), and I love that you had some quiet time after the big festivities to reflect and start the year anew.

    Mine was pretty crazy, here in Taipei! We watched the beautiful fireworks, but couldn't get home until 4AM...and it's been so hectic and crazy here with friends that I haven't had that much needed time to sit down and reflect and think about goal-setting for the new year...but I guess that's what the 12 hour plane ride will be for, right? :)

    P.S. I'll be home on Thursday...we should meet up in person again soon?! ;)

  18. sounds like you had such a great new years! :) i love rooftops in LA, but i love them even more on nights when all the cities have fireworks. it really is magical!!

    i need to take down our christmas decorations... it was on my to do list for today, but i completely scratched it so i could enjoy ONE MORE NIGHT of dreamy tree lights :)

  19. great dress and pictures from the evening! your in-laws have wonderful taste ;)

    xx http://seejaneworkplaylive.blogspot.com/

  20. fireworks...that's what i missed. see if i have a rooftop like you and your friends, and a free fireworks show, i probably would've had an awesome nye. sounds like you did so that makes me happy.

  21. we were sick with the stomach flu. BOOOOOOOO FLUUUUUUUU.

    you are totally adorable by the way. LOVE LOVE LOVE the dress.

  22. what a fabulous and perfect way to ring in the New Year! (congrats to your soon-to-be hitched friends!!! i LOVE the bardot frame in the background. LOVE!)

    your dress-- seriously you have THE BEST style! i love that your in-laws gave it to you :) and your necklace- how addicting is etsy? lol

    cheers to the adventures that await us in 2011!!!