Friday, January 21, 2011


it's funny how quickly the thought "i'm having such a great week!" can turn into "ugh, what a shitty week!" isn't it?  up until wednesday, things were going okay.  we had relaxing moments, fun moments, and pleasant moments.  but come thursday and one very large frustration sort of made all these other areas of life we've been trying to hold together unravel.  on wednesday our computer crashed.  we told ourselves it was just a hiccup and assumed things would work out just fine.  but an entire 24 hours went by, all the while trying desperately to revive our computer, but to no avail.

it sort of went like this:
wednesday afternoon: Ack! what just happened to the computer?!
wednesday night: hmm... we'll get this worked out... right?... yeah.... probably...sure!...
thursday morning: why isn't anything we're doing working?!
later thursday morning: *$%#@ computer!! and why don't we have jobs? we desperately need jobs!
thursday afternoon: [nervous laughter] computer? are you in there? no? ... why me?  why God? WHYYYYY?!
thursday night: [stifling tears] okay... let's just calm down. no need to panic. we can fix it... once we get jobs and have the money to pay a nerd herder.  but we don't have jobs.  we've been looking for jobs for months and Nothing!  the house is dirty!  there may or may not be a God!  poverty!  our lives might be ruined!  droughts!  bad knees!  what am i going to do with my life?! where am i headed in my journey?!  papercuts!  kill shelters!  heart disease!

sadly, it's still not working.  we both have laptops, but a large number of extremely important documents are on that computer, including the one and only contract job that the mister has going right now.  i guess these are the weeks to celebrate those good things that happened and allow them to help us survive the ,... well, let's just say more challenging aspects of the week.


i'm thankful for...

* portlandia - funniest thing i've seen in a long time!
* rum
* quality time with friends.
* amanda palmer's hilarious/awesome song & video all about how we ladies have a choice. preach it! 
* our sweet neighbor kitty who sleeps in our sun and warms our hearts.
* good solid alone time.
* the ridiculously creative blog how about orange.
* live music.
* the mr. landing an interview {it was a HUGE blessing that he got it in the first place. we'll have to wait a couple weeks before we hear anything, so keep your fingers crossed!}.
* these super cute mugs on not your average ordinary.
* the amazing red blood oranges from our neighborhood farmer's market.
* good hearty laughter, plus all the reasons we had to laugh.
* yet another fun music video from she & him.

there, that's better.

what are you thankful for this week?

ps - if anyone lives in the LA area, are completely awesome with computers, and love to rescue things for free, please let me know. we'll cook for you and sing you a song.  i'll even make you a superhero cape if that's a deciding factor.


  1. Oh no Kim! sorry to hear about your computer. I'm sure there's a good samaritan in your neighbourhood.

    *fingers crossed* for your mister too !

    I'm thankful for the good food that I had the whole week, especially the macaroon ! heheh

  2. Hope the weekend will be as good as the start of the week. Good luck with the computer and have a nice weekend:)

  3. i am thankful for benadryl sleepiness affects when my mind shut down at night..

    oh, and socks.

  4. Life is a funny and strange things. I feel a little exhausted by this week but really thankful for friends near and far, virtual and face-to face for their cheer and goodwill. I hope your computer gets better and get luck to D. on his interview. Peace.

  5. Ugh, my netbook isn't taking a charge and I'm so sad. We have other computers to use but the desktop doesn't move obviously and Dustin's laptop is so ginormous. I miss my little netbook.

    Glad you still found things to be thankful for. Happy weekend lady!

  6. Farmers market fruit! And rum! ha. SO sorry about your computer--I'd be devastated. And simultaneously reminded of Carrie's "sad mac" episode in SATC.

  7. i'm sorry to hear about your computer - that would send me straight into a heart attack...

    i went to school (and graduated with) amanda palmer. funny - i have never checked out her music, though!

  8. Oh no! Urgh, talk about a worst nightmare. I seriously would not know what I would do if that happened to me. There is a God, don't worry! I hope it all turns out okay!

  9. I'll keep my fingers crossed for new jobs on the horizon for you both!
    And, I'll keep my fingers crossed for a speedy computer fix!
    I love that you made the decision to look to the things you're thankful for to make you smile. I hope this weekend gives you many good things to add to your "I'm thankful for" list!

  10. ah, live music. it's like a drug. a really, really good, non harmful drug. :)

  11. hope the job search and computer crash situations resolve themselves asap! You are right tho, this is one of those times to remind yourself of things you're thankful your list! :)

  12. Congrats to your mr. on landing an interview. & I am so sorry to hear about your computer's coma. I hope you don't lose any data and it can be fixed soon.

    I am thankful for wine and for Mariah Carey's high pitch. And for my mother's cooking, and the snow storm we'd today which allowed me to go into work late.

    Have a wonderful weekend!!!

  13. Ugh, that's awful! If we lived in LA, I'd send the hubs round to help you. He's my technical support person {and a professional computer programmer}... Really hope someone in your area comes through and you're singing their praises over a tasty meal very soon.

    I've got my fingers crossed that Dannon gets the job. Happy Weekend, Kim. I know you'll make the most of it!

  14. One more thing you can be thankful for...YOU'RE the WINNER of my Giveaway!

    Email me at SO I can get our info and mail it off to you :) HURRAY!

  15. I hope his interview goes well! Good for you finding some things to be thankful for during such a stressful time. It really stinks when a computer stops working. I'm trying to back up my documents right now actually..... I hope you can get all of your documents back!

  16. Awh, I totally relate to this post...i have had an awful string of badluck, but you are right sometimes we need to take the time to be thankful for all the other great things that have happened in our lives! Good luck with the job search and the computer! xoxo

  17. Love your blog too girlie! Can't wait to visit more :) xo