Thursday, December 9, 2010

renegade craft fair ~ this weekend!

i'm so excited for one of my favorite events of the year ~ the holiday renegade craft fair! this will be my first time going to one in los angeles, but if it's anything like the ones in san francisco, it will be filled with amazing treats for the eyes and the pocket book. some of the amazing things about this fair {in case you've never been} are: free to attend! free magnolia photobooth with fun props! free crafty workshops! awesome {sometimes live} music! and an overwhelming amount of amazing crafters, artists, and etsy shops.

i'm taking the mister on saturday so we can search for some pocket watch necklaces from oh hello friend. by the by, have you seen the coupons danni posted for her shop? they can be used for the craft fairs this weekend here in los angeles and the renegade craft fair in san francisco on the 18th-19th. what a great deal!

some of the other shops i love/can't wait to see are boygirlparty, feisty elle {a friend has a pair of these earrings and they're amazing!}, erinzam, appetite home, tanya aguiniga, the harbinger co., rebe {oh how i long for one of her coats!}, and seattle show posters. there are probably plenty of other amazing shops i'm going to fall in love with, but don't know it yet!

i'll also be there on sunday to meet up with some lovely bloggy friends {luckily the fair happens to be close to my house}, so let me know if you plan on being there too. i would love to meet you!


  1. sounds fantastic! can't wait to know more!!

  2. I'm so excited! I have to email you soon -- after I make it through the day...

  3. Hi! Thanks!

    Make sure you tell me it's you when you stop by!

    You might see me with a different name; our company is morphing just a bit... Same products but new logo.


  4. That sounds awesome, have fun!

  5. I can't even begin to tell you how much I'd love to meet up with you there on Sunday... But alas, the commute is just a bit too far. Is Brandi going to be there too? FUN! Take lots of photos, okay?

  6. This sounds really similar to what the blog ladies and I went to last week! I hope you have a blast and fnd some cute stuff :)

  7. I wish I lived closer; that sounds right up my alley :) And have fun making new bloggy friends this weekend!