Thursday, December 30, 2010

only one more day!

new year's is almost here.  are you ready?  have you been getting your fill of "best of 2010" lists, or maybe making some of your own?  are you the sort to make resolutions or goals or bucket lists?  and most importantly {let's be honest} do you have a special outfit in which to ring in the new year?  

we had originally been planning on taking a trip this weekend to park city, ut where my cousin will be getting married on sunday, but unfortunately that didn't work out.  so we are now looking for a new new year's eve plan here in los angeles.  i'm sure it will involve some sort of house party with dear friends.  

it got me thinking though, about that glorious day in my future when i'll be able to throw a big new year's eve party of my own!  creating and hosting events and parties is one of my favorite things to do {i wish i could do it for a job}, but with a 500 sq ft apartment, hosting parties isn't really an option.  i mean unless you call a total of 4 people a "party" {with the right 4 people, it would totally be a wild time, i know!}. 

but if i did have a new year's eve party...

i would get all dolled up in this dress {this is actually the dress i'm wearing tomorrow night thanks to an awesome christmas gift & a miraculously fast postal shipment! no sequins, but it does have fun ruffles!}:

i would hand out fun noisemakers & party hats {you can make your own by clicking the links below, thanks to dear ole martha}.  

i would decorate the house with flowers, clocks, & twinkly lights!

there would be delicious cocktails, perfect for toasting!

what?!  oh my goodness, i'm so embarrassed! how did this photo get in here?!  ah, well, i guess we'll just have to have johnny depp play piano for us as we all sing "auld lang syne."

then, when johnny was tired, i would play the most fun records which would get everyone up on their feet dancing!
and at midnight, everyone would have someone to kiss. 

when we move into a larger home someday, you can be sure we will throw our very own fantastic new year's eve party... and you will all be invited!  

do you have plans for tomorrow?

ps - if you are throwing your own new year's eve party and need some good party ideas, real simple has some great ones here.


  1. Your party sounds so lovely. And I had plans but now I have absolutely no plans in life at all -- I'll explain more by email soon. Promise.

  2. very nice party... i don't have a set plan yet but working on it... have a nice day!

  3. Can I come join your party when you host one!? It looks fabulous!

    I love the dress you're going to wear! So pretty!

    I don't have any set plans yet, but I am working on them!

  4. Girlfriend! You need to come over to my blog tomorrow for my New Year's Eve Dinner Party, Branflake Style! We would have a blast together (in real life) I just know it! Oh Johnny- my heart goes aflutter!

  5. Oh my goodness! You will definitely look gorgeous on the party! The dress is so pretty! :)

    Ps. Johnny Depp is always a secret wish, too. hahha. He's my all-time crush.

    Enjoy the party, Kim!:)

  6. We're having a get together at my place tomorrow and I am SO excited. Now I just need to get started on cleaning...

  7. I love the dress... I still don't know exactly what I'm wearing, I don't care to buy something new, that will only fit me a month or two still... so I guess I have to find something in the closet and dress it up.
    Happy New Year to you!

  8. Love your party dress! super cute!

    I'm going to a black and white masquerade party at my friends house! I'm really looking forward to it! =)

  9. haha, this is awesome! your party sounds so lovely -- and especially if Johnny's gonna be there ;)

  10. This sounds like the dream party! And Kim, you are TOO cute :) I love that Johnny made his way into your New Year's photos/fantasy ;)
    I would love to go to this party & a real life party of yours :) I know it'd be amazing!
    Hope you'll have a fun and wonderful time ringing in 2011! I know you'll make the most of it ;) Sending well wishes your way!!

  11. If Jonny is playing at your party I'm there ;) ... I can't wait for the day to have my own place big enough to host a celebratory night! This NYE I'm going to a bar in SF that my friends rented out for the night (we do this every year and it's always so much fun). Happy early NYE! xx

  12. fabulous!!! :)
    you are the best with words and photos for sure!

    I'm babysitting on nye. My friend is attending a wedding and her prescious kids + gav = the sweetest nye dates I could ask for!

  13. ok all parties pale in comparison to your dream one. especially if it includes a lil johnny:)

    love this post! happy, happy wishes for a fabulous 2011. if you're wearing that awesome dress, i'm sure you'll have a spectacular time!

  14. oh johnny...

    i'm sorry, i lost my train of thought...

    love of my life...

    ooh, right- new years!! yes! i'll be working on new years eve and day :( i hope you guys have a lot of fun, Happy New Years, in case i don't see you before 2011! :)

    speaking of the holy grail of all men, i had the most amazing dream last week- i was eating a vanilla ice cream cone while holding hands with johnny depp (complete with grungy bandana and leather cuffs,) we then walked up to a diner counter where the four guests aand the server.. were also... johnny depp. Best. Dream. Everrrrr.

  15. Can't wait to get my invitation!

    No plans here except to hang out, drink fancy drinks, maybe play a board game and watch a movie... We'll get the boys up at 11:45 to ring in the New Year (they do love to bang on pots and pans on the front doorstep!) Should be low-key, but fun.

    Happy New Year, Kim! So glad I got to know you in 2010...

  16. That sounds like one amazing party! Especially the Johnny Depp part :p I have that same problem, parties in apartments are just not do-able, which is a shame.
    I hope you have a lovely New Year! Also that dress is wonderful :)

  17. I love, love that dress. Super cute!