Friday, December 17, 2010


this week i am so ridiculously grateful for...

+ the season of cookies!

+ the amazing and wonderful blog that is  daily pep talk from a best friend, and
the beautiful anna from little reminders of love for introducing me to it ~ they're both making the world a better place!

+ finally tackling one of those big things on my list which i had put off for weeks {phew!}

+ inspiration from scoutie girl to unplug, and then getting myself to actually do it {new rule ~ if i don't have a specific purpose to be online, i log off. so much harder than i thought it would be, but so worth it!}

+ all the great things i've been doing with my life when i'm not online.

+ these free recipe cards, and crow and canary for tweeting about them.

+ embracing my dreams, sharing them with others {boy that's tough}, and no one laughing at me for any of it {take that inner critic!}

+ getting "wiggled" by blair of wild & precious, how great is that?! you should definitely check out her blog - it's gorgeous and oh so fun!

+ the stars aligning and gaining some clarity from the universe.

+ another holiday party this weekend, yay!

+ all the sweet little birds that hang out in our courtyard.

+ my wonderful family and friends, including all of my blogger friends! you guys are the greatest!

+ aaaannddd... this photograph!  isn't it THE best?!  found here.

what are you grateful for on this last weekend before christmas?


  1. oh boy.. what a blissful list you have! :)

    i'm grateful for the change of events in my life these last few months. with these unexpected miracles, i did able to go back doing my art. :)

  2. I am grateful for a sister who is helping me decorate hundreds of cookies tomorrow. And I am grateful for opportunities in life!

  3. Oh how I love reading your blog, it's very inspiring, Kim!

    I'm grateful for almost everything that happened in my life these past few weeks. If you love life, life will love you back.


  4. lovely list and great links. This week I am grateful for so much this week. I has mishap this week and I was really touched by the kindness of strangers(it was amazing). I am grateful for hot beverages, inspiring writers(like yourself) and good conversations.

  5. Hehe, I just posted a little gratitude post yesterday...and now I can experience your wonderful Friday gratitude posts :)
    In the midst of all the craziness going on, I'm grateful for friends, families, fun times, and trips. And of course, I'm grateful for you! :)

  6. I adore your new internet rule! And I'm grateful for getting to spend time with friends and explore a new city and eat some delicious food. I'm also grateful I'll be home soon, first to San Diego to snuggle with some cats, then to NJ to snuggle with my boyfriend. I need that pretty badly.
    Happy Weekend, Kim!

  7. That photo is AWESOME! Have a wonderful weekend Kim!

  8. That is the best list ever!

    I am so thankful for a tall husband that gets things from the top shelf for me.

    I am also grateful for my lovely home and the job that helps me pay that mortgage.

  9. I love your list, I am thankful for the daily-pep-talk-from-a-bestfriend as well. Thank you for your sweet comment :) you sure put a smile on my face.



  10. oh my gosh, I love that picture!!

  11. grateful for all the blog loving and being able to meet such great people this year... have a nice one!

  12. I'm not very in the holiday spirit this year. I am, at this moment, grateful for my little cat friend, who is staying up and keeping me company :)

  13. awe the picture made me giggle :)

    i always love your posts on being grateful. i've been in a slump lately, and posts like these remind me to quit whining and be thankful for the things i have.

    in particular:

    the mister, my pupcake, rainy days, yankee gift swap parties, and my blender :) i am currently obsessed with making smoothies!

  14. That is a great photograph :)

    Sounds as though you have many wonderful things to celebrate. Have fun at the holiday party and enjoy time away from the computer (I'm trying to do this myself lately).

    I'm grateful for being finished with my holiday shopping and for the opportunity to veg on my couch in my pajamas today. That is a wonderful feeling :)

  15. that picture is perfection. holy guacamole i love it!!

    also, i love you & am so happy to have met you via bloggin. we would totally have rap-offs in real life. i just know it would be EPIC.

    also, next time you accept an award just imagine everyone is in their underwear. at least, that's what television shows say to do. ; )