Tuesday, October 26, 2010

this is my tuesday

last week i discovered {too late unfortunately} a new series over on red boots called this is my tuesday. the idea is to post a photograph which shares a little about yourself, a picture that tells a story, on whatever the topic of the week happens to be. how lovely is that?! this week the topic is on love, and you know i have a lot to share on that!

now really, my life is FULL of love! i mean, i could take hundreds of photos from around my life to portray the love surrounding me. i Love my family and friends, near and far. i Love all the music in my life - concerts, singing, playing, dancing. i Love Love Love my dear chloe cat! i Love chai lattes, apple cider with mulled spices, warm scarves, pumpkin everything, and new magazine day. i Love the fresh flowers dannon frequently brings home. i Love yoga, reading buddhist writings, and experiencing revelations from God. i Love curling up early in bed with a good book. i Love creating art with paper, fabric, and colors. i Love how my muscles feel after exercising. i Love the hammock in our front yard. and i especially Love the friendly interactions i have with strangers wherever i go - baristas, shop girls, librarians, and neighbors on the street. but i guess, the most obvious Love in my life right now is the one i share with my best friend, my partner in crime {and life}, my new husband dannon.

and this is the photo that sums it up:

this photo was taken on our wedding day. we had a picnic wedding with no glasses or real silverware, which meant there was nothing for our guests to clang when they wanted us to kiss. that didn't stop them, though, from carrying on the tradition. several friends would simply shout out "kiss!" and then everyone would chime in with kazoos {which we had given out for a kazoo sing-a-long in our ceremony}. that is exactly what happened to cause the kiss captured in this photo.

i love this picture so much! i think it captures our love and excitement, a kiss which was encouraged by all our friends and family - the very people who surrounded us with support and cheers that helped our relationship grow into what it is today.

it also helps remind me how great a love i have!

a love full of kindness, creativity, silliness, warmth, equality, openness, dancing, passion, gentleness, respect, music, joy, and adventure! it is a great Love and i feel so blessed to have it and him!

of course, it's not perfect all the time. of course we fight and get annoyed and roll our eyes and need to spend time away from each other. and, of course, this is all a part of having a greatrelationship. i would be quite leery of a relationship that didn't have fights. we're all people and we're all constantly growing. we all have good days and bad days. we all experience stress, sleep deprivation, moodiness, sadness, and low blood sugar. and just because you love another person more than yourself, doesn't mean that you'll magically and perfectly be in sync at all times. that's just crazy!

but the love i share with my Great Love is one that makes all the bad days and annoyances completely worth it. it's a love that teaches me about myself and how to become a better person. and it's a love that fills our life together with so many great memories!

at the end of the day, no matter what has happened, good or bad, i am so incredibly thankful that i have dannon there with me, and for all the wonderful places our love is taking us!


  1. I know what you mean, the topic is not easy capturing in one picture, I could put up hundreds, but only choosing one is hard... or not:)

  2. Aww.. what a lovely post. Love is wonderful thing. It is great that you have found someone to share all your love with and vice versa. I think the picture captures the essence of love perfectly. peace and greens.-k

  3. Beautiful post, Kim -- and what a fantastic photo of you two. The love is so evident. Life is always more beautiful when it's full of so much love.

  4. This is an absolutely beautiful post! And what a stunning photo! :)

  5. I love this post! Gorgeous photo :)

  6. I am incredibly in love with this concept! I might have to do it myself!

    And I love that photo and everything you wrote about it. I love love!

  7. Such a wonderful post AND wonderful pic!

  8. eee! this post and photo makes me positively giddy!! so adorable and excites me for my wedding day / future with my best friend ;)

  9. So fantastic. I love this entire post! And that photo is amazing. Totally captures the love between you two.

    PS: Thank you, thank you, thank you for your lovely comment on my post yesterday. It took my crappy day and made it so much better!

  10. such a beautiful photo and story! your wedding sounds more and more amazing, and i love that it was a picnic. so. perfect!

  11. Wow, I LOVE that photo! And this post! Congratulations.

  12. I love love love this post! Thanks so much for taking part!

    I agree, it is hard picking one photo, but I think you've picked a great one! You can just feel the love for each other from you both!

    I agree that all relationships have their ups and downs, but I think that's what makes a relationship great - being able to take the rough with the smooth, and still be able to love and be loved.


  13. Aw, this is such a beautiful and inspiring post! I'm just, well, LOVING your celebration of love!