Thursday, October 28, 2010

~ a list ~

things that are hard:

* looking for a job.
* finding a job.
* eating healthfully.
* the underside of our counter {just ask my head}.
* killing spiders.
* a good apple.
* remembering that thing i came in here for...
* making time for self-improvement.
* seriously, why did i come in here?...
* getting paid for my creativity.
* cutting the head off an adorable stuffed moose to make a christmas gift.
* understanding what my school loan repayment letters are trying to tell me. {what?!}
* resisting that cute new dress on modcloth.
* resisting any of the dresses on modcloth for that matter {and did you see the shoes? oh! and the Accessories?!}.
* waking up before 9am - in other words, at a decent hour.
* acting like a reasonable person when someone eats one of my reese's peanut butter cups {there are only two!}
* spending money on big, expensive, but necessary items.
* staying on task {aka - making a list of things that are hard when i should be cleaning the bathroom}.
* oh, and cleaning the bathroom.

in other news, here's a funny picture:

{just when you thought the mustache had been done to death and was on it's way out of trendiness, the carstache came onto the market, taking it one step further. thanks urban outfitters. now let's end the stache on a high note shall we?}


  1. Love the carstache. It's so random.

    As for your to do list, stay positive. Don't be overwhelmed by it all. Choose one thing to do at a time and focus on that. The things I've really learned over the past year is that you need to make time for everything: things don't fall into your lap unless you're out there doing stuff.

  2. Haha, love that list.

    And what Brandi said. Just stay positive. That's what my entire YEAR has been like - trying to stay positive even when things are hard. It's the only way to get through.

  3. Love the list, and I know what you mean, no one should touch my candy... but when they do I try to act all grown up, though on the inside I'm acting out like a 4-year old! Just yesterday my husband started eating of my favourite candy that he doesn't really like, so when he left the room I had to eat the rest, which resulted in a stomach ache! When do I learn?

  4. Oh man, your list is so true!!!! It's 8:30 and I have no plans on getting out of bed any time soon. I know I should, but I know I wont.

  5. I love your list! :).

    Although, I would one day where I could sleep in and get up whenever I may please!

    So, I say sleep in for me one day! Ha!

  6. Oh how I love a list! This is a great one. Just the right combination of silly and serious.

    I hope that soon you will:
    *find a fab job
    *be able to stay on-task at said job!
    *get a nice big paycheque to spend on cute dresses, shoes and accessories at Modcloth
    *get a new pack of peanut butter cups and stash them somewhere secret so no one else can get their grubby mitts on them! {I am so the same about my peanut butter cups! they are mine! go get your own!}

    And as for getting up before nine. Just have two baby boys in the space of 2 years. You'll never ever find yourself in bed at 9am again! {le sigh... what I wouldn't give to get up at 9, or even 8 for that matter!}

  7. Wow your list is totally reading my mail. Thankfully I whacked the student loans off a few years ago - and you will, too!! But all the rest of it...mmmmkay? Too bad we weren't neighbors. We could totally meet at 10am when we get out of bed and have tea. In our pj's. I'd be a really great influence now, wouldn't I?


  8. lol, love this list, especially "the underside of our counter" haha :)

  9. WHAT! cutting the head off a moose?! sad sad. soo sad.

  10. LOVE the Modcloth dress!! Stay strong and so will I haha

  11. awwh, sorry for all the hardships in life! and mannnn do i know what you mean about those loan repayments letters...honestly WHAT are they saying? and what's worst, I went to law school so I feel I should understand... siiigh.

    Also, I would ad to the "hard" list: watching only one episode of gossip girl/grey's/mad men on surfthechannel... addictive!

  12. I agree with every one of these points, especially the dress and the getting up before 9am thing!
    I want a car with a moustache!

  13. ewww! i've never been a fan of killing spiders, well who is! in my college dorm, i used to get a lot of spiders in my room and always used my boot heel to kill them!! ewww gives me chills to think about it now but that era is over haha!