Wednesday, September 22, 2010

look at this super cute etsy store!

i stumbled upon this adorable little shop back when i was shopping for lingerie {which by the way - it's really hard to find cute lingerie that doesn't cost a fortune, look skanky, or is exactly the same as all the others, but etsy has some real winners when it comes to lingerie shops!}.

the shop is naomilingerie and it's full of the cutest, feminine undies and sleep sets! aren't they so fun?!

she also has a sweet collection of eye masks! swoon!

some of them are even cat-shaped. these are definitely my favorite!

unfortunately naomi's shop is closed this month because she's also away on vacation. but remember to check back in the beginning of october to treat yourself to something special.

naomilingerie blog
naomilingerie shop


  1. Sso super cute! I wouldn't have thought to look on etsy but what a perfect place for unique and custom undies! Yes the cat masks are amazing!

  2. what a great find! and i know what you mean about finding good stuff. i'm sorry, but i like my undies to reflect my personality to, not make me look like i got lost in victoria's secret!

  3. So cute! You are right in that it is hard to find lingerie that isn't skanky, costly, or boring. These totally fit the bill.

  4. So lovely! I'm checking out the shop immediately.

  5. Oh my gosh! So so so so so cute! :) Awesome!