Wednesday, August 11, 2010

we're freaking out!!!

yesterday we found out that our wedding venue, which was also doubling as a hotel for our out-of-town guests, got rented out from under us . . . 5 weeks from our wedding!!!

needless to say we're freaking out and furious.

don't they know never ever to take away a bride's venue right before the wedding?! when guests are flying in from the east coast and europe?! when photographers and jazz bands have been booked?! when honeymoon flights have been purchased?! when our entire wedding has been planned around that specific venue?! when we don't know if we can find another venue in our price range on that exact date at such a short notice?!

that place was perfect. it had everything we needed and wanted for every piece of our plan - a beautiful grassy yard, a view of the ocean, a flat patio for dancing, a giant kitchen since we're doing all the food ourselves, and plenty of room for games and picnicking. but now it's gone. life is really shitty sometimes for absolutely no reason. and there's absolutely nothing i can do about it. you'd think at 28 i'd have learned that by now, but it still shocks me.

{good reminder found here}

we have a couple ideas of what to do next to find a new venue, but it's only 5 weeks away and we have such a small budget.

send us all your prayers, happy thoughts, and positive energy that we'll find something that's still available, affordable, and even pretty.


  1. How can they do that? I'm keeping my fingers crossed that you will find another and hopefully an even better place:)

  2. OH MY GOSH! That sucks so much! I really really hope you find somewhere quick!
    I'm sure you'll find something even better and it will all work out!
    Try not to stress too much darling!

  3. Deposit? Contract? What does your Dad do for a living?

  4. How does that even happen!? I'm appalled by that!

    Sending lots of happy wedding dust your way!

  5. Oh my goodness!!!! I read your comment and couldnt believe it. I am so shocked that this can happen. Sending you lots of positive vibes and prayers that it will all work out! Maybe you will find something even better! xx

  6. GASP. That's insane... Really? Oh

  7. One thing you can do, which you might have considered. Look for vacation homes on Craiglist. There were some I looked @ that were in the same area. You can book the property for a couple days & you'll have the place to yourself.

  8. OH NO!!! Kim, this sucks!! The same thing happened to Matt and I, the day after we sent out invites (at the end of May, our wedding being mid-july)! Our venue claimed that we had invited too many people and the fire marshal said we could no longer hold our reception there... come to find out they wanted to use the venue for another event. I cried. A lot. And absolutley freaked out.

    All I can say is BREATHE, girl... and enlist the help of your caterer, musician, photog, and everyone else involved. My caterer ended up taking us to an art gallery down the road from my house, where they frequently hosted wine tastings and such. It ended up being beyond perfect - and so us. I'm sure your people will know a multitude of sites, that are hopefully cheaper.

    I so wish I could help... too bad I'm so far away and stuck using the library's internet for the next little while! Sending you calming

  9. whaaattt!?! why did that happen?! is that even allowed???

    i'm sorry lady...i hope you find something even better. sending positive thoughts.

  10. Oh my golly!! Wait, how are they allowed to do that? Was there any sort of contract? I hope you find another, even more fabulous place soon. Just focus on the positive things: you'll be surrounding by friends and family, celebrating your love.