Tuesday, June 15, 2010

random happenings

i didn't get to blog yesterday because i woke up at 11:48am! blerg!! i hate it when that happens. today wasn't much better, but i don't have class this afternoon so i can take some time this morning for blogging.

the best part of the weekend was walking down to the mission in freakishly hot 85 degree weather, and almost crying when i realized that was a typical, slightly cool day for l.a. it also made me realize that i need to buy way more hot weather clothes since i pretty much only own scarves and sweaters. what an awesome excuse to go shopping!

yesterday i started my psychopharmacology class and totally geeked out on the brain for 5 hours. if you didn't know it already, your brain is ridiculously amazing!

i also thought dannon was coming home yesterday, but apparently that was just me believing what i wanted to believe because he really doesn't come home until tonight. sigh...

i also watched "youth in revolt" {LOVED that movie!!!}, and made some more felt fun things like head bands and hair clips.

i also bought these fun leather leaf earrings from crooked sister! she has really beautiful things so go check her out.
this week dannon's parents will be visiting us so i'm sure we'll be doing some fun stuff.
how was your weekend?


  1. Glad to see you! I was actually just thinking... "Hmmm, where has Kim gone? I haven't seen her around here in days!"

    85 degrees is a cool day in L.A.? Wow! Have fun stocking up on breezy skirts and blouses and sunhats!

    My weekend was fantastic. Spent a good deal of it at the beach. Two weeks from today I'm on summer vacation! Alas, there's no way my boys will let me sleep until 11:48 a.m.!!!

  2. Love it all! You're so talented - the headband is adorable. And love your new earrings!

  3. You would have hated the weather in Kentucky yesterday. It was 98 degrees! A pure sweltering scorcher! Ick!

    Today isn't much better with the humidity through the roof!

    I love that headband! I wish I was talented enough to make those! :)

  4. whoa it was 85 degrees in the city this past weekend?! i think it was hotter here than in vegas (where i was). i own like 2 pairs of shorts and 20 pairs of jeans...i would definitely have to go shopping if i moved to LA as well.

  5. i love love love your headband! way too cute! and your earrings!! you are so talented!

    i love youth in revolt!! is it already out on dvd?? dang how did i miss that! i must get it asap!

  6. Hi Katie! You're earrings look great. So happy to see that you are enjoying them and to see you have a blog. I'm following!