Wednesday, May 19, 2010

bay to breakers!

bay to breakers is my absolute favorite holiday ever. it's actually a race, that some people are very serious about, where people run from one side of the city {the bay} to the other {the breakers}. but mostly, it's a giant moving party through the city full of all sorts of people who dress up in crazy costumes and build elaborate floats. it's also one of those occasions where everyone is your friend, people will open their garages to create dance halls and live concerts, they'll offer you food and beer, and they'll even let you - a random stranger - use their bathroom. it's the only time the entire city wakes up at 7am to go drinking in the street in costume. and it's awesome!

thanks to grad school i had no energy or brain power to think up/create a costume, so i just put some mouse ears and whiskers on. dannon threw together a kickass woody allen costume. isn't it scary how much he looks like woody allen?!

click on any of the pics for bigger viewing



teenage mutant ninja turtles

where's waldo?

shower loofahs!

these ninjas were really into it - running around, hiding behind people and trees...

they were very interactive.

these girls were dressed like russell from "up" and ran around holding these clumps of balloons whilst jumping. it was pretty cute.


this was an obama press conference, surrounded by secret service men...
who acted quickly when they spotted some girls with water guns near us.

potato head people, followed by a peeler - eek!

these people with the letters were google maps. so clever.

mario kart!

my favorite was jem, complete with the big pink keytar!

a marching band

bart tickets

oompa loompas!
one of the "yuppers" from sesame street {my favorite}!!!

cool old-timey airplanes {and that's as specific as i can be}

these girls were 3 blind mice. tee-hee!

there was a very large group of bacon hanging out next to us. at one point they yelled "sizzle!," dropped to the ground, and thrashed around. it was hilarious!

and then a little while later a group of girls dressed as sunny-side up eggs found the group of guys dressed as bacon. it was beautiful!
and then there were the floats! so many good floats, which all had DJ's/fun loud music!
a disco dance hall

the baywatch lifeguard tower

a covered wagon

vikings with ship

lady gaga on a surfboard

pirates with ship

the jersey shore beer garden {surrounded by dozens of guidos and guidettes}

and the best of all - the hot tub time machine, overflowing with bubbles!

lucky for you i didn't take any pictures of the naked people, but let me tell you, bay to breakers is known for its large number of naked participants.

next year will be the 100th annual bay to breakers, and even though we'll be living in l.a., you can be sure we'll come back.

what was your best costume ever?


  1. oh, i am soooo bookmarking this for costume ideas next halloween. it looks like so much fun!

    i'm not sure what my best costume has been... although one of my favorites have to be the sweatshirts i made matthew and i this past halloween. we went as a squid and a whale, complete with dorsal fin and tentacles with suction cups. so much fun!

  2. omg wowowowo! this is amazing! I love all the costumes, that looks like the most fun ever!!!

  3. how amazing, I loved the bacon costumes, I would have loved to walk behind them and yelled sizzle:)
    Halloween isn't really a big deal in Denmark, so I haven't had too many chances to dress up as an adult. But once as a kids I dress up like a tube of toothpaste...

  4. Oh my gosh, this looks AWESOME!

    I never have very good costumes. But a few years ago I was down at the bars and these guys were dressed as beer pong cups - they even had a giant ball that they were tossing back and forth. It was awesome.

  5. great pics, i especially like the bart ticket girls. i saw so many where's waldos that day!! i wore neon and actually ran this year. it's funny how fast you finish when actually running and it was great to people watch (coffee in hand) afterward. i was bummed it was so cold tho!!

  6. i dont have a clue wants going on.. but i know i want to join in!!

  7. I got to see the tail end of it all, so that meant all these costumes except everyone was drunk and tired. A lot less energy.

    Next year, it's start to finish for me.

  8. Oh my god. That looks like the most fun ever! I love all the costumes. They're amazing. Jem- truly outrageous! And I love the bacon and eggs. Are you sure you want to move away from San Francisco?!

  9. oh i so enjoyed this post!
    all the costumes are TOO FUNNY!
    and so many great ideas.
    the eggs and the bacon is so dang cute!!
    what a fun parade!!!