Tuesday, June 1, 2010

another amazing concert!

saturday dannon and i went to see she & him at the fox theatre in oakland. it was amazing! zooey is awkward and adorable and oh so talented. and m. ward is a complete rock god. they did everything from their two albums, a cover of chuck berry's "roll over beethoven" sung by m. ward, and a cover of nina simone's "i put a spell on you" sung perfectly by zooey. it was magical! oh! and ben gibbard's dad was the guitarist in their band. how sweet is that?!

also, the people around us decided dannon and i need to go as she & him for halloween this year. not only do we have similar looks, but dannon really plays the guitar and i really sing!

the past 3 days of sun and 70 degree weather {it was roasting here!} has gotten me really excited for our move to l.a. this august. i'll miss san francisco terribly, but i can't wait to have summer again!


  1. That is a fantastic Halloween idea, you two TOTALLY fit the part, so cute! I love Zooey, glad you guys had fun at the show. :)

  2. Cute picture and you definitely look like them!

  3. you two do look so much like them! too cute :)
    My coworker went to san fran last week and brought me back a magnent of... the full house houses on the hill! (I already forgot what that park is called lol) So now I have a little bit of san fran at my desk :)

  4. Can't wait for Halloween now...

    Sounds like such a fun concert!

    June 1st- summer MUST be just around the corner!

  5. aww you should definitely be she and him for halloween! what a fun concert!

  6. you totally should go as them!
    Are there any videos floating around cyber-space where i could hear you sing?

  7. Oh my GOSH that Elephant Sanctuary experience sounds amazing! I just fed elephants on the weekend for my Birthday and it was beautiful :)

    PS. I'm a huge Zooey fan so I think the She & Him Halloween idea sounds awesome! I sometimes wish we celebrated that in Australia... the handful of people that do just look out of place wandering the streets when everyone else is inside cooking dinner!

  8. Amazing Blog!

  9. that must of been amazing!! i'm so jealous!!!
    and holy mack you guys so do look like them! you just found your halloween costume!!