Monday, May 10, 2010

angel island

woo-hoo! i had a pretty full and fun weekend. on friday dannon, larry and i went backpacking on angel island, a national park in the middle of the bay.

we took the ferry from tiburon and spent the day exploring the island, bird watching, fighter jet watching {totally random sighting}, deer watching, wild flower spotting, and lounging on a beach. it was so great to get out of the city {although we had perfect views of it from the island} and start dannon's birthday in nature.

san francisco, with alcatraz in the middle

the golden gate bridge

angel island was originally the ellis island of the west. now old remnants remain for exploring.

the pretty little town of tiburon

the most beautiful beach in the bay, with san francisco in the background.

this was the view from our campsite - amazing!

this is my last week of school until june, so i'll be able to get back to reading your blogs again - i've missed it so much!

i hope you all had lovely weekends!


  1. I love spending time outdoors! Love the photos!

    I can't wait to go camping this summer!

  2. Happy Monday! Looks like a fabulous weekend away. I love the views of the city taken from your campground! We didn't go camping this weekend, but we did roast hotdogs and marshmallows outside over the firepit in my mom & dad's backyard. Made me want to camp!

    Enjoy the last week of school for a while. Vacation time, here you come!

    PS: Tomorrow night looks like a Jacob/MiB episode. Some answers, finally? I hope so.

  3. I was just there last weekend for a photo hike!! First time ever, and I fell in love!!!

  4. This looks so wonderful! Glad you had such a great time together. :)