Wednesday, March 17, 2010

summer dreamin...

thanks everyone for your encouragement and warnings about the jillian michaels exercise video. for those of you who don't know, it's supposed to be an intense 30 minute workout that combines strength training and cardio all at once. it is pretty intense and i can see how it would work over time. but you're supposed to do the same workout every day, which isn't good for your poor muscles. muscles need time to rest and recover, so my plan is to do the intense workout every other day to avoid injury, and then use my muscles in other ways on my off days. getting fit is never a fast fix, no matter how many promises magazines and video instructors make. so to all of you who struggle staying committed to working out {which totally includes me}, let's just take it one day at a time. each day we make a choice to be healthy is a victory! hooray!!!
ra! Ra! RA! ;)

also, happy st. patties day! today is a busy day for me since we're leaving tomorrow morning for vacation, so i completely forgot about it until my friend reminded me last night. so let's all just pretend i'm wearing this pretty green dress today:{from weheartit}

speaking of vacation, today the weather is so warm and sunny and we're heading down south where it's even warmer and sunnier! which means i get to pull out and dust off the ole summer clothes!! in honor of this occasion, i've put together a fun little mix of oldies that remind me of summer times.

{quick note about "spanish flea" by herb alpert - this is my absolute favorite song ever. i haven't found a situation yet where this song did not make everything ridiculously ammusing. try playing this song in your head next time your in the midst of a huge fight with your boss or friend.}

What's your favorite summer music?


  1. what pretty green dress to pretend wear! i'll pretend with you since my maternity wardrobe doesn't include any hues of green. happy day before vacation day!

  2. I'm wearing that pretty green dress, too! Hope we don't bump into each other. How embarrassing! ;~)

    Have a fab time in LA! Can't wait to hear all about it. When you get back, there'll be a huge LOST-related email waiting for you!

  3. That dress is really pretty! I LOVE it! Happy St. Patty's day. Hope you have a wonderful day!

  4. hehe this song is silly.
    my goodness, the word "summer" alone makes me giddy with excitement.

  5. vacation!!? how fun! and to the south! perhaps i'll see you! haha. the green dress is too cute!!!
    love your playlist {and how its green! too fun!}