Monday, March 15, 2010

Last day for the Giveaway!

My weekend was pretty quiet. I worked on some re-energizing creative outlets and caught up on past schoolwork, which was nice because this is going to be a busy week for me. Thursday is the start of our big trip to LA to check out neighborhoods for our future move. We'll also get to see some family and best friends. It's going to be perrrrfect!

I also took a little walk in the sunshine down to Flax, the coolest art store in the city. I actually usually go to a different, much smaller art store that's near my house, but Flax is a magical "special occasion" place for me. They have stacks and stacks of beautiful paper, paints, journals, frames, and kids' art supplies. It's like Willy Wonka's for artists... at least that's what I imagine while I'm there. Think: workers singing and dancing on easels with whole rooms where everything is paintable! No not really, but it's my imagination and I can use it how I want.

Isn't it cool?!
Today is the last day to sign up for the Giveaway! So make sure you enter today. I'll pick a winner tomorrow.

Hope you all had lovely weekends friends!


  1. you are moving to la?!! i'm sure it will be great, but i would miss sf so much! oh wait, i already do! that art store looks fab. your comment made me laugh! i am glad someone can relate to me on looking like a boy at some point in life. at least we look like girls now! oh yes, i do use proativ. it works pretty well.

  2. I don't think we have an art store like that is San Diego.

  3. I love LA! We just went there in October! You have to share from your trip! Let me know if you see any celebrities:) Hope everything is smooth and you find just the right place! Have a great Monday!

  4. Good luck with the move! I hope you find an awesome place! Someday I at least want to visit out there. That Flax store seems absolutely amazing!

  5. I love that description of the art store! (You go right ahead and use your imagination in any way you like...)

    Nice that you have an easy week ahead. You must be so excited about your trip down to L.A. A little holiday + family + best friends = the perfect break. I look forward to hearing all about it!

    I just know I'm going to win the giveaway. It's my destiny. Jacob told me ;~)

  6. i loved LA... i thought Long Beach had a nice edgy sort of charm... art supply stores are soooo much fun

  7. Thanks so much for the wonderful coments about Flax art & design. We are a family run art materials store for over 75 years in SF. If you have a passion for paper, fine arts, stationery, fountain pens, drawing sets, unique gifts,etc.etc. you are at the right place.
    Hope you have a great day :-)

  8. That sounds like a lovely weekend to me!

    HOORAY!! good luck with everything! i'm sure you'll love it!
    and that store looks like the coolest!!