Monday, March 1, 2010

another weekend, another adventure

this weekend dannon took me over to the marin headlands - the rolling hill range just north of the golden gate bridge. {photo borrowed from here}

it was a perfect mini adventure! we hiked along the coast, watched the rough sea {presumably from the devastating earthquake in chile - oh how my heart aches for you!}, and explored the batteries* that are hidden all along the hills. sadly, my little camera died early on because i forgot to charge the battery, but we did manage to capture some of our fun in a tunnel leading to one of the battery outposts:

speaking of chile, why universe? why another huge catastrophic event so close in time to haiti's earthquake? the world is low on energy and resources. can we please have a little time to get everyone stabilized before one more disaster? thanks.

all my thoughts and prayers to those who have been effected by another earthquake, a type of natural disaster that is close to my heart living along the ring of fire. it could just as easily be me and my loved ones, so i especially feel for others who are subject to this tragedy.

*fun fact! - the headlands contain the country’s largest collection of military installations and fortifications!


  1. looks so romantic :)
    totally agree with you on the chile disaster . May god help them

  2. what a fun day trip! i will definitely have to go there!!

  3. I love how you two are always jumping for joy in your photos. I can always count on you to make me smile!

  4. i so agree with the chile thing.
    and i love the marin headlands. the view of the bridge is so amazing!

  5. SUCH a fun day trip!!
    and those pictures are gorgeous!
    so wishing i was in California right about now!