Sunday, January 10, 2010


As you can see, I made some changes around these parts. As I've said before, I really really like change, and I was just getting a little tired of how everything looked before. So this weekend I made some changes and it feels good!

This weekend was full of a lot of real-world remodeling too. Second Wind, the spiritual discussion group I belong to, just leased their first space {we were meeting in a conference room before} and right now it's just a giant empty room.

Dannon {who's an interior designer} performed his amazing design magic and made plans for our space to look beautiful! I'm playing design assistant, because I secretly wish I were a part-time designer, and I've had a lot of fun going to Ikea and the SF salvage yard. Um, can I just say that the salvage yard is the most magical place on earth?! It's full of so many treasures just waiting to be taken home, refurbished, and loved. Like little mutts at the pound!

There are beautiful old doors {table? headboard? wall hanging?}
And rows of windows {chalk boards? picture frames?}
Kitchen sinks {um... maybe?,... no...uh...}
And beautiful wardrobes {for clothes? for craft supplies? pretty pantry?}I wanted to take everything home and create all sorts of creative things out of them. My head was spinning with ideas!

I'm also in charge of designing the kid's room for our new space {putting my elementary teaching credentials to use}. I'm so excited to take a room and make it cute! I have a bunch of ideas from when I was a teacher, like magnet chalkboards, rain gutters for book shelves, awesome painted trees on the walls, and stations for different activities. But I would, of course, love any great ideas or website inspiration that any of you may have!


  1. Oh my gosh, we don't have anything like that here and I'm so jealous!

  2. I'm with Michelle, I wish we had something like that here!!

  3. I love the new look! (although the old look was pretty good, too...)

    Sounds like a fun job you've got in front of you. I'm an elementary school teacher (currently the school librarian) and I adore putting together a fun space! I saw a great blog post about a room that had maps for wallpaper and globes hanging from the ceiling. Gorgeous. Want me to send you the link?

  4. Yes Erin that would be awesome! I'm trying to collect as many ideas as I can right now. Thanks!!!

  5. Here you go, Kim!

    I love all the globes overhead. Imagine them swaying in the breeze. I think the blues and greens are lovely too.

    Have you checked out ohdeedoh as well? Great kid-themed decor.

  6. Thanks Erin!! It's SO cute! I also love the little suitcases and multi-colored chairs. And yeah, Ohdeedoh is a gold mine! I'm having so much fun looking around on all these kid sites. :)

  7. A refurbished door headboard??? YES!