Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Oh Haiti.

My heart just breaks for all the people of Haiti.

Where I live I am literally surrounded by fault lines which are known to be very active. Chances are, I'll experience an earthquake of this magnitude at some point in my life here. The one thing I have to provide security is that I live in a developed country with building codes in place specifically to prevent my home from collapsing in on me. The people of Haiti {and other third world countries on active fault lines} don't have this security.

Architecture for Humanity {an organization Dannon volunteers with} had been planning a trip this month to go to Haiti and work on building more secure structures, since it was no secret their buildings were falling apart without massive earthquakes. Unfortunately it was a little too late. Hopefully, however, out of this destruction, some good will come. Hopefully there will be more volunteers to go in a couple months to design and rebuild whole cities, instead of just the few buildings they were originally planning for.

If you are a designer, or want to volunteer to help rebuild, Architecture for Humanity will be planning a trip in a couple months, once they are ready to build permanent structures. And all the work they do is on a pro bono and volunteer basis, so if you want to help fund building safer homes and buildings that would be greatly appreciated too. You can find out more about how to offer building designs, funding, and volunteering here.


  1. This makes me so sad. I know a lot about SF buildings. I learned so much being in commercial real estate. I could take you on a building tour of downtown.

    p.s do you have my new email address

  2. Thank you for posting this. We cannot forget. I donated to Doctors Without Borders as I've worked closely with them through the company I work with. If we can all just do something... it will make a huge difference!

  3. oh this breaks my heart. i think it's great that you're spreading the word...every little bit helps.

  4. I'm sending all my good vibes in that direction. Thanks for the info!

  5. Have sad that they didn't get a chance to go before this happened! I'm sure they're all just itching to get there and help now. Sending prayers their way so they can help soon!

  6. It's heartbreaking to see the devastation. I've noticed on the Blogger Buzz menu that you can add a widget for directly donating money (to the Red Cross I think) to help with the Haitian earthquake relief...