Thursday, December 3, 2009

Pretties & Freebies - Christmas!

So here it is - my first Christmasy post. As I said last week, I've come across so many cute little things recently that would make perfect gifts! So here are a few {affordable} ideas:

Delicious and beautiful teas {and tea sets} from Tea Forte:

This super cute elephant teapot from Target {can you tell I like tea?}:
Beautiful jewelry and hair goodies by Oh, Hello Friend:
And these super cute warm knit mittens from Rainbow Mittens:

And here are some pretty Free festive candle decal printables {with tutorial} for decorating your home this Christmas. You can print them out here thanks to dear ole Martha Stewart:
And I LOVE these modern paper ornaments from Design Sponge. They're so pretty and easy to make. I don't have an actual tree because my apartment is way too small, but I'm thinking they would be fun to hang in my window. Check out the tutorial here:


  1. London still LOVES the tea set you and mom gave her from china town! She is such a tea drinker! If we have it in the house, the first thing she does after getting off the school bus in the afternoon is make a hot cup of tea. At 11 years old, she is ahead of her years as a tea drinker!

  2. love that tea pot! and i am so going to make those ornaments- super cute.