Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Thoughts from a Tuesday

I miss the brilliant fall colors of the Appalachian Mountains!
I miss jumping in piles of leaves!
I miss being close to my family!
I miss thunderstorms!
I miss living in a town where everyone knew each other!
I Love a long run through crisp ocean breezes on a fall morning!
I Love rolling out of bed and enjoying a hot cup of tea!
I Love the little Farmer's Market right out my front door!
I Love the act of creating and being surrounded by so many artists!
I Love $50 plane tickets to see my friends in LA!
I Love the fresh flowers Dannon brings me!
I Love walking to all my destinations!
I Love all the cute thrift stores near my house!
I Love a city full of adventures!

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  1. ah, these are good things--both that you miss and that you enjoy. i miss you! and living close to you. i hope you have a good day.

  2. Well, we have had MANY thunderstorms lately. Some of them loud enough to wake the little ones out of a nights sleep and send them scampering through the house to duck into bed with me! The leaves are just beginning to turn....but the days have been soooo crisp, even the sunny days. We miss you too, and do wish you lived closer too. But all sounds like you are well and happy, and you love your little home....so all is right, just as it should be! And besides, this blog only makes it feel like you are right around the corner! WE LOVE YOU!