Monday, October 26, 2009

Saturday Bike Ride & Fall Festival

Saturday afternoon Dannon and I met up with some friends to be a part of the Global Day of Climate Action bike ride. There were 350 of us who took over the streets and rode the current shoreline, and where the shoreline will be in 20 years if we keep going the way we are. Part of the demonstration was to promote better forms of transit - riding a bike is way healthier for our bodies and the planet. Woo hoo! And the other part of the ride was to raise awareness that if we can't change our polluting ways all of us in the coastal cities will soon be riding our bikes under water. Which is why we all rode in various underwater themed outfits.
Like this guy who had floaties:
I tangled myself in seaweed {which I cut from fabric... real seaweed is super slimy}
Dannon fashioned a snorkel out of straws and tied driftwood to his bike.
Most people had bathing suits and snorkels, and there were bikes with speakers playing fun music, and this girl in pink had a bubble-maker on her bike!
We also rode past the filming of the tv show Trauma. I've stumbled on that tv set a couple times now and it gets me every time. What?! A horrible accident with a car on fire?! Oh no!... wait... nope... they're fine, they're actors.
It was a great experience which helped me feel more comfortable riding my bike in different parts of the city.

Later that night Dannon and I went to the Berkeley Fall Festival. It was a good ole fashioned appalachian time! Dannon played fiddle with the band and I ran into some long lost friends from college.
And see that guy playing banjo below? I've known him since I was a kid and he is pretty much the most creative person I know. He's close friends and backup musician for Sufjan Stevens, and he has his own band, Half-handed Cloud. He'll be playing on Halloween night over at the Purple House in Berkeley if anyone lives in the area.

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  1. oh, the berkeley fall festival! you know your blog is one big nostalgia fest for me, right kim? the funny thing is, when i think of the church in berkeley, it feels really connected to my church--there are a lot of similarities in the people (even a pk named emily) and it's wonderful.