Monday, August 10, 2009

Big Sur!

Warning! Lots of pictures to follow. Grab a snack, put on some nice music, and relax to some pictures from what many call the most beautiful place on the west coast {from what I've seen, Big Sur beauty is hard to beat}!

The Big Sur coast looks pretty much like this the whole way down:
It's full of massive bluffs and cliffs that fall straight into the ocean. There are also these giant rocks in the water that make huge BHUF sounds when the waves crash over!

We stayed for two nights and camped up in the bluffs above the ocean, about a 3 mile hike in from the road. After we hiked the Grand Canyon we fell in love with walking sticks whenever we backpack. The good thing is, they're free in nature! The first night we stayed in a valley next to a teeny stream. It was so peaceful and lovely... except for the swarms of mosquitoes {my poor legs!}. So the second night we stayed up on the top of the ridge where we had a perfect view of the sun setting over the fog {which was covering the ocean}. It was quite the sight! Click the picture to get a better view of the fog below us.
Our first full day was spent hiking around the Big Sur River. The river was shallow and crystal clear so we did some river walking. We eventually found one deep spot where Dannon went swimming {he was much braver than I was - it was SO cold!}.
Big Sur is also well known for its clean, free air. {We got a little silly after running for our lives from mosquitoes and eating only granola bars.}
We spent the second day driving down the 1 {the road along the coast} to see as much of Big Sur as we could. It was all a typical California morning sight - fog over the ocean. It was pretty amazing though.
We felt like we were at the end of the world!!
Aslan?!After our little drive we went back to the Andrew Molera State Park Beach. What did we find? More Amazingness!! This is a small, rugged beach where the Big Sur River empties into the ocean. It's fairly well sheltered from the wind and fog, and has great waves for surfing. Oh, and lots of sea lions and otters!
There were tons of driftwood shelters and sculptures along the beach, which Dannon and I totally love!
So we each made our own little driftwood creations.
After relaxing in the sun and watching surfers, sea lions, and birds play in the water, we hiked up to the little cliff above the beach.
We climbed down on the rocks on the other side of the cliff where the waves crashed about a foot in front of us!Yup, I'd say Big Sur is one of the most beautiful places I've seen. It's so grand and has all kinds of little treasures to find.
On our way home we decided to stop in at our favorite eatery in Pacific Grove. Tillie Gorts is so amazing, you have to try it if you're ever in the Monterey area. They have a huge selection and pretty much everything is made from scratch. De-Licious!
Whoo! I'm so soar and itchy now, but it was all worth it. We had the best time and will definitely go back!

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