Tuesday, July 21, 2009


This weekend I was growing weary from my intensive summer classes, so Dannon decided to take me on a last minute road trip on Sunday down to Pescadero - a teeny country town on the coast of California.

We stopped at a little farm with lots of barnyard animals, pottery, and berry fields where we collected some yummy Olallieberries.Then we headed over to the Harley Goat Farm. There were so many goats {and one lonely llama}! We pet baby goats, watched a goat get milked, and sampled a dozen different delicious goat cheeses {mixed with organic herbs from their own garden}!
Then we headed over to the beach for some fun in the . . . well, fog actually. But it was still a blast to play on the beach!
The water was cold, I'm not going to lie. But after we were running around for a while it felt good and refreshing!
We ended our evening with the famous Artichoke Soup at Duarte's Tavern. YUM! It was such a wonderful trip. Exactly what I needed to take a break from studying and the big city!


  1. Love the picture. Wish I was there instead of here in TN. I miss you Kim.

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