Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Have you Filled Your Well Today?

The premise of my blog, Fill Your Well, is to chronicle the things which reduce stress and bring energy in my life. I also hope that it inspires my family, friends and strangers who read it to Fill Your Well too. If any of us want to survive life {especially the unforeseen stuff} and provide any kind of love for our fellow man, we must first take care of ourselves.
The idea of the Filled Well is to do the things which make your well so full it overflows. It is from the overflow that we can sufficiently give to our loved ones - our partners, children, friends, coworkers, and acquaintances. Sadly, most people run themselves so ragged that they just have some muddy puddles at the bottom of their wells. These people have little capacity to experience happiness in their own lives, let alone have energy for their relationships.
So make sure you are Filling Your Well daily! For some people this is one thing that they can't live without - yoga, bike riding, writing, knitting, etc. For other people, it's providing more of a variety of fun and lovely things on a daily basis. For me it's mostly having little {and big} adventures, and a variety of art expereinces.It doesn't matter what Fills Your Well, as long as you are regularly Filling it! So go make some time for yourself and have fun!

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