Sunday, June 28, 2009

There is no crying in bathing suit shopping!

...or is there?

First of all, apparently one should not begin the search for a bathing suit at the end of June because trust me, there's nothing left. Secondly, why oh why do companies insist on using only 3 sizes for bathing suits? Women {at least all those over 25} have a wide variety of body shapes and sizes. We don't all magically fit into one of 3 sizes, especially when the thing we're trying to fit into is skin-fitting and will be seen by everyone!

I tried to find a bathing suit this past week, but to no avail. My last attempt was the worst. After squeezing myself into too many too tight suits I felt like heading immediately to an aerobics class,... or a bar, I hadn't decided which. It was depressing to say the least. Even for me, a pretty healthy young woman. I just kept thinking, "this is way too much money to spend on something that makes me feel so badly about myself!"

But what is the alternative? It's summer and I take periodic trips down to LA where it's hot and there are beaches. ...I guess I'm still searching for that great solution, but for now I just needed to vent.

Ladies of the world, you are not alone in your fitting room sob fests.

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  1. ack! i hear you! in a freak incident, i found an adorable bathing suit for only $20 at marshall's. after eating ice cream, no less! but that is, i can say for sure, the first time in my life that i have had such good luck. i hope you find something just as good, but yeah! i hate shopping for a bathing suit!