Monday, May 11, 2009

Seward Street Slides!

This past weekend we had some fun adventures for Dannon's birthday, including an Improv show, Mitchell's Ice Cream, and San Francisco's best hidden gem - the Seward Street Slides!

They're just a couple of cement slides built into the side of a steep hill, tucked in between houses on a teeny street.

The slides are actually pretty steep. With a little cardboard you can get going pretty fast!

Just make sure you keep your hands and feet inside the cardboard at all times.

Kristin and I are such hard core sliders.

Then some nice strangers let Dannon and Larry use their wax paper. Boy did they really fly! Take a look.

It was SUCH a fun weekend! If you are anywhere near San Francisco you should definitely check out the slides!

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  1. I love this video! Ha! What a fun thing. Where are these slides and why I haven't been yet??? Thanks for sharing!