Sunday, April 26, 2009

A Few of My Favorite {San Francisco} Things

I have been pretty busy with the end of semester grad school stuff. But this past weekend I did make some time to get out in my city, and I was reminded of a few of the many reasons I LOVE San Francisco!

Like this amazing fire escape for an apartment building down in the Mission. Yup, it's a twisty slide!

Or the Sunday Farmer's Market literally out my front door. Fruit, veggies, nuts, baked goods, flowers, fish, all from local, small-time producers. Yummy and a great place to mingle with the neighbors!

And Mission Thrift, the greatest place to find costumes and vintage clothing for such events as Halloween, or the upcoming Bay to Breakers {best holiday Ever!}.

Finally, my favorite restaurant in the city - Banana House! They make the absolute BEST yellow curry with tofu I've ever had. And I kinda crave their peanut dressing like crack.

So if you ever find yourself in San Francisco I highly recommend checking out some these places. And if you are looking for any reasons to move to San Francisco, feel free to add these items to your Pros list.

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  1. Hey Kim--what great finds! I want to check out that restaurant.