Monday, March 16, 2009

Mansions & Mozart

This past weekend was pretty chill. And by that I mean chilly! Yup, cold and windy, so it wasn't the best time to go play in the park or on the beach. But Dannon and I had just gorged ourselves on amazing Thai food from Banana House {my favorite restaurant in the city} and needed to move our bodies. So we took a stroll through Upper Pac Heights and looked at all the mansions. Our favorite mansion had a variety of metal sculptures, like this giant anatomically correct robot that swivelled.

Then Saturday night Dannon, Larry and I went to the Livermore Community Opera to see The Marriage of Figaro, which their roomy Bethany helped direct. Dannon and I had seen this opera before by the San Francisco Opera, so it was a little unfair of us to compare. Some of the actor's had horrible accents and the subtitles were atrocious, but we had fun Mystery Science Theater 3000'ing it.

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