Friday, March 27, 2009


I've been working hard this week during my Spring Break, so I decided last night that it was time for some fun. I met up with Dannon and some of my school friends at the CA Academy of Sciences "NightLife" event. All the museums in town have some sort of special event one night a week where children are not allowed, alcohol is, and all the exhibits are open for viewing for a discounted price. NightLife is the Academy of Sciences version of this.

We had a blast! We ran into lots of people we knew {it's apparently the place to see and be seen :) } and finally got to see Claude the Albino Alligator!

Last time we came Claude was out on medical leave. Apparently albino alligators have very bad vision, and since Claude is an elderly alligator, his vision is even worse. So rumor is Claude got into a fight with a rock and the green alligator that lives there with him {we're not sure what he was thinking, but he may not have realized that he is in the loving home of a museum, and was trying to protect himself from the danger he could not quite see}.

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