Tuesday, March 31, 2009

My Flat!

I have been in my current apartment for 3 years now and I absolutely LOVE it! It's teeny tiny - under 300 square feet - and is in NOPA, the best neighborhood in the city {well, according to me}!

Living in such a small space can make it really difficult to have things like furniture and guests. :) But after this weekend's apartment cleansing and reorganizing, I think I've finally obtained a great little grown-up apartment!

A couple years ago Dannon built me a 6 foot tall, Queen-sized loft bed {thank God for 14' ceilings!}. My bed has improved the quality of small-apartment life dramatically. Underneath the bed is my wall full of storage and my brand new eating table, which expands to fit four! {You never realize how important something like a table is, until you live without one for so many years.}

The opposite side of my apartment has a little corner living room {next to my kitchen with a cute little fridge}. I just got the big cat tree for my kitties - they finally have sleeping options!

And the other corner has more storage {all my craft stuff and earthquake kit} and my office/entertainment center. I don't have a TV or stereo, so my computer serves as both, and always seems to be playing indy music or This American Life.


  1. eeeeee!!! i love it. you are sooo grown up.

  2. Cute place, sis! wish i could've visited last summer so i could see it in person! but alas, i am too broke and still having babies (at least until april 9th)! haha!

  3. I love how it is your "flat." I've always wanted to live in flat in the city. It sounds so romantic.