Monday, February 2, 2009

Rock Sculptures!

This weekend was so beautiful and sunny that Dannon, Larry, and I decided to go adventuring at Land's End. We played around on the old San Francisco Bath ruins, and then roamed through the eucalyptus trees. Along our walk we climbed down to a beach full of large rocks and stumbled upon a rock sculpture garden! Of course, we had to partake in the rock sculpturing.

Mine represented how the "black sheep" are often far more interesting and beautiful than the same ole, same ole.

Dannon went with the challenging, impossible-to-balance candlestick rock sculpture.

And speaking of sculptures made out of things found on a beach... you must check out one of my favorite sites: Yalos Alanya. Dannon and I are huge driftwood art fans, and the pictures from Yalos Alanya {like the two above} are some of the most amazing examples of this form of art I've seen!

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