Monday, April 5, 2010

my very fun easter weekend!

i had such a great easter weekend, despite the fact it turned rainy and i spent half the time working on my upcoming literature review.
other than that, i filled my time with:

catching up with dear old friends {who made amazing pie!}

playing with dogs and children at second wind

roaming through fun neighborhoods

stopping in for books at dog eared books {one of my favorite bookstores of all time}

smoothies at mandarina

little chocolate eggs from miette

having way too much fun taking photos of us walking
heaps of delicious indian food
a walk through alamo square at dusk {my favorite place to watch the city lights come on!}and finally seeing Fantastic Mr. Fox
{which i am completely in love with, as i am with all of wes anderson's movies!}

what did you do for easter?

i hope you all had wonderful weekends full of love, yummy goodies, and happy memories!


  1. Awww such cute pictures! What a fun weekend :) I am a dork but I was like Look! Full House! hahah in your alamo square picture lol!

    Yesterday I saw the movie I Love You Man and they were in Venice Beach CA and I was like wow you need to live there! it looks so cool!

  2. That shot with the bottle of wine made me smile. Happy Easter!

  3. What wonderful pictures, it looks like you had a really great weekend!

  4. Even with the rain and the schoolwork, looks like it was a wonderful Easter weekend!

  5. looks like you had a fun filled, very filled weekend! those are great to have though.

  6. these pictures melted my heart! i love them! happy belated Easter lady!

  7. Happy Easter weekend! Love your pictures!

  8. wow, you had a fabulous easter!!! i'll take a piece of that pie, oh and a smoothie too! : )

  9. oh wow SUCH A GREAT EASTER WEEKEND! i love all the photos!! so simply wonderful!! glad your weekend was such a blast!